Featured in Fig Columbia’s Fall 2018 Issue

Our team loves living, working, and playing in the community that we call home: Columbia, South Carolina. There is so much to love about our town!

There are so many great local businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and more that make our hometown a wonderful place. Have you taken the time lately to explore what Columbia has to offer these days? It has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years and we’re happy to have been a part of that growth.

This fall, our law firm has been featured in Fig Columbia. Fig Columbia is a quarterly lifestyle magazine that highlights all things local to Columbia and this issue, the Arts & Culture issue, focuses on the artists and creators that make this town a vibrant place to live.

In our office, we celebrate local history by turning historical South Carolina flags into artwork to adorn our walls. This Moultrie Flag, located in our conference room, is one of our favorites. It was commissioned in 1775 for use during the Revolutionary War down at Fort Moultrie, just outside of Charleston, South Carolina. It’s a flag that’s filled with history and we love having it hanging in our office.

Have you spotted other flags in our office? Robert has collected quite a few over the years!

If you haven’t flipped through an issue of Fig Columbia yet, take time to check it out today! You can pick up a copy in our office the next time you’re here, at a local coffee shop or boutique, or read it online here.