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Ensuring vehicle safety is important to our society. Vehicular travel is the most common form of transportation in the United States, but the convenience offered by modern cars can come with substantial risks. When other motorists, car manufacturers, and municipal agencies fail to act safely, this can dramatically increase the risk of a devastating car accident occurring. These wrecks can cause serious physical and emotional injuries, pain and suffering, lifetime disability, medical bills, and even death.

The truth is that many wrecks could have been avoided if drivers were not driving carelessly, disregarding traffic laws, or distracted because of mobile phones or other electronic devices. Unfortunately, some collisions are caused by drunk or intoxicated drivers or drivers without a license or insurance.

Some of the common injuries sustained in these accidents are broken bones, whiplash, back injuries, soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injuries, head trauma, traumatic brain injury, concussions, organ damage, and injuries to ligaments and tendons. In addition to the physical injuries, we understand that you are faced with questions about auto insurance claims, vehicle damage, medical bills, and the inability to work.

Goings Law Firm, LLC has significant experience in all types of automobile accidents. We have built a network of investigators, experts, and accident reconstructionists who are distinguished in their fields of expertise, and we have developed a reputation for taking the at-fault driver and insurance companies to trial, when necessary. By hiring an experienced Columbia auto accident attorney, you may obtain the financial compensation you need to deal with your resulting injuries.

Auto Accident Claims and Car Injury Lawsuits

A wide range of factors can contribute to an auto accident occurring. However, when it comes to car accident lawsuits, some of the most common issues that cause these claims to arise include:

In any of these situations, car accident victims shouldn’t have to pay for the consequences of the accident on their own. Rather, it should be the responsibility of the person or company that allowed the accident to occur.

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