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Property owners in the United States are expected to ensure that the upkeep of their premises is maintained to a reasonable standard. This expectation is intended to help safeguard the health and safety of those who live on or visit the property. Unfortunately, as we at the Goings Law Firm, LLC, know, far too many property owners in Columbia neglect their responsibility to maintain their premises, instead allowing dangerous conditions that can have serious consequences for victims to develop.

Unsafe properties can cause a victim to sustain a wide range of injuries, from head and brain injuries to broken bones to paralysis and more. In order to ensure that victims of unsafe properties do not have to face all the costs of their accident and injuries on their own, negligent property owners and managers are held accountable for the harm their unsafe property causes through premises liability laws. These laws allow victims to file premises liability lawsuits, which may provide much-needed financial compensation.

If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property in Columbia, Goings Law Firm, LLC can help you get the money you deserve. Call us today at (803) 350-9230 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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    Do I Need a Premises Liability Lawyer?

    Whether a property is residential or commercial, you are right to expect that the premises you are on are safe, or that you will be warned about dangers if they are not. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. When an unmaintained or dangerous property puts you in harm’s way, you could easily be hurt. Injuries, no matter the severity, are commonly accompanied by pain, medical expenses, and potentially lengthy healing periods. When an injury is serious enough, it could force you to miss work, lose crucial income, and permanently compromise your ability to make a living. If someone’s negligence has harmed you, you have the right to take action.

    While you have the option to file an injury claim independently, representation by an experienced injury lawyer is your best chance to recover the full compensation you deserve. By taking legal action, you may significantly increase your ability to access crucial medical care and other financial resources. In addition to recovering much-needed compensation, legal action can force a negligent property owner to be more mindful about maintenance in the future, so that no one else gets hurt. Lawyers give accident victims a much better chance of recovering the compensation they are entitled to, because lawyers know the law, understand how to gather evidence, and have experience negotiating for settlements with insurance agents or attorneys.

    Why Hire Goings Law Firm, LLC to Handle My Case?

    Premises Liability Attorney in ColumbiaThe Columbia legal team at Goings Law Firm, LLC understands that our clients are often going through an extremely difficult time in their lives, and we do not take the trust placed in our firm for granted. Quality representation makes a crucial difference in recovering injury-related financial losses, which is why we approach each case with tenacity and unparalleled attention to detail. Over the years, we’ve come to understand that a serious injury to one person often impacts an entire family. With this in mind, we aim to give our clients the best chance at recovery possible, both physically and financially. Our team has recovered over two million dollars in settlements and trial verdicts for premises liability cases alone.

    We bring many years of experience and an unrelenting commitment to justice to the table. Injuries and the complications that come along with them can be overwhelming, but if you don’t have to struggle through them alone. Our attorneys strive to ensure that the physical and financial consequences of your injuries do not have the power to ruin your future plans. To fight for the compensation you and your family deserve, entrust your case to an experienced lawyer at Goings Law Firm, LLC.

    Premises Liability Lawsuits

    Both a person’s age and ability can influence how vulnerable they are to becoming injured on an unsafe property. The injuries that victims can sustain range from minor burns and lacerations to serious head injuries and even paralysis. There are many ways in which a property can be unsafe and cause an accident. However, some of the most common accidents and injuries that lead to premises liability claims are:

    Even oversights like insufficient lighting can cause serious tripping hazards. Regular maintenance and a commitment to responsiveness help property owners and managers keep their premises safe for all people. Whether you have suffered these or any other premises liability issues, you may be owed compensation and justice for the undue harm you have suffered.

    What To Do After a Premises Liability Accident

    The steps you take following a premises liability accident can seriously impact the outcome of your injury claim. While each case is different, the following will help protect your rights so that you have the greatest chance of holding the at-fault parties accountable:

    • Document the scene – If you are not in urgent need of medical care, document the scene of the accident. Photographing the hazard from different angles, and keeping any clothing you wore at the time of the accident, will help your lawyer’s investigation.
    • File report – If you’ve fallen at a commercial property, report your injuries to the facility manager. Many businesses have an accident report form you will be able to fill out. Depending on the seriousness of your injuries, it may also be wise to contact police or other emergency services.
    • Go to the doctor – Seek the medical treatment that you need. Even if the incident did not leave you with obvious injuries, like a broken bone, having a doctor examine you can help mitigate any potential medical or legal issues that may arise later. For example, some head injuries do not show symptoms until days later, putting victims at serious risk if they do not seek early treatment.
    • Reach out to a lawyer – Contact a skilled injury lawyer near you. If you are serious about filing an injury claim, it is imperative that you do not speak to any insurers before consulting with an attorney. This can hurt your chances of recovering compensation related to your injury. An attorney can evaluate your situation and give you a comprehensive understanding of your legal options moving forward.

    S.C. Code section 15-3-530 gives victims in South Carolina three years to file a claim if they’ve been hurt by the carelessness of another person. Nonetheless, taking action as soon as possible is your best chance of promptly recovering the compensation that you need. Hospital bills and lost wages are often a significant financial hit to South Carolina families, so the sooner you can get the compensation you deserve, the better.

    Protect Yourself Against the Opposition

    Understand that many property owners will not welcome the prospect of legal consequences. Property owners and their insurance companies may attempt to offset the blame for an accident or dismiss a victim’s claim in the following ways:

    • Assumption of Risk – Despite dangerous conditions on a premises, the property owner may argue that these conditions were evident and that, even knowing of the dangers, you chose to proceed.
    • Being Unaware of Danger – Property owners may argue that they were not aware that there was a hazard to address on their premises. Whether this is a valid defense will depend on your status as a visitor. If you were an invitee, meaning you were on the property for the owner’s economic benefit (i.e. shopping at a store) then the owner has a duty to inspect their property for any dangers, and this defense may not apply. If you were a licensee, meaning you were on the property for your own benefit (i.e. as a house guest) or a trespasser, the owner does not have a duty to inspect their property for danger, but you may still be able to argue that the owner knew about the danger.
    • Comparative Negligence – A property owner may attempt to shift some of the blame to the victim by saying that they helped cause their own injury. They may suggest, for example, that you did not pay sufficient attention or acted in a reckless manner at the time of your injury. In South Carolina, even if you are found partially at fault, you can still recover compensation as long as you were 50% or less at fault, but your award will be reduced according to your percentage of fault.
    • Trespassing – Under premises liability law, property owners or managers do not owe any legal protections to trespassers. The exception to this is for children trespassers who may not understand the dangers of certain attractive nuisances like swimming pools.

    A skilled lawyer can help protect you against these defenses so that the blame for injuries is placed where it belongs.

    Contact a Premises Liability Lawyer in Columbia

    No one should have to pay for the consequences of a property owner’s negligence on their own. As such, if you have suffered injuries on someone else’s property, call (803) 350-9230 today or contact us online to discuss filing a premises liability lawsuit and holding that property owner responsible. Our legal team at the Goings Law Firm, LLC, has the experience and resources needed to make sure that negligent property owners do not escape the consequences of their actions.

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    Robert is the best attorney ever… you need legal representation. .. he is the one to go to.

    After representing me after I fell down the stairs at work and injured my back, I would recommend the Goings Law Firm to handle any personal injury matter. Robert and Jessica made me feel like my case mattered to them and that my goals were their goals. They were tireless advocates for me yet they were also willing to be upfront and honest in their assessments of my options going forward. I never felt pressured to choose one course of action over the other. They treated my case like their own.

    Mr. Goings is an outstanding attorney. Dealing with a personal injury case can be frustrating and quite stressful. Mr. Goings and his office took care of my case with the upmost compassion and professionalism. They treated me like family. Mr. Goings is hard-working and determined to fight for his clients’ rights. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney.

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    Hands down one of the BEST attorneys in the state!! Robert Goings exceeded all of my expectations. He welcomed me and my daughter with open arms and he kept me informed every step of the way. I knew exactly what was going on in my case and I really like that about him. His entire staff was awesome and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney. I guarantee you, you will be very pleased with Mr. Goings. Honestly, he definitely deserves more than 5 stars!!

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    He was very kind and knowledgeable. He gave me status updates in a timely matter. I was VERY pleased.

    I would absolutely recommend the Goings Law Firm. My father was in a horrible accident and we seemed to be going nowhere with other lawyers.. Chris made a special trip to the house to speak with my father, he explained things in easy to understand terms and set his mind at ease.. then he worked extraordinarily hard to get him more than he even imagined. Chris returned every text and every email promptly, he was very easy to talk to and from day one we knew he was fighting for us. I wish I could give more than five stars

    The Goings Law Firm went above and beyond what they had to do when handling our case. They worked hard on our suit but also helped with many other things in our lives. They showed a caring for us as people and not just a paycheck. Their lawyers worked to keep us informed and up to date on every aspect of our case. All of our questions, and some we didn’t even think of, were answered in a timely manner. This firm is a hardworking group of lawyers that work to get you a satisfying settlement and a happy ending to a horrible experience.

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    From beginning to end, the Goings Law Firm handled my case with the best care and expertise! It was a pleasure meeting Robert Goings and Jessica Gooding. My husband and I felt confident we had the right attorneys! They firm did amazing work. Jessica was always very responsive, thorough and took care of everything in a professional manner. Never having been in an accident before and not knowing how the process worked, we were confident they did. We were grateful and very appreciative of the results of their excellent work. I highly recommend this firm!

    I was attacked by a dog while on the job resulting in serious injuries to my leg. Thankfully a family member, who is also an attorney, recommended that I contact Robert Goings of the Goings Law Firm. Hiring this firm was the best decision I made! Robert and his firm did a great job making sure that workers’ compensation provided me with the medical treatment and benefits that I needed, and most importantly, he obtained a wonderful settlement for me against the insurance company for the owner of the dog that attacked me. What I like most about the Goings Law Firm was the great communication with me and how aggressive Robert and his team fought to ensure that I got the best outcome possible. Thank you Robert for working so hard on my case. The Goings Law Firm far exceeded my expectations!

    Robert Goings and his team were absolutely amazing!! They did a phenomenal job with my case and kept me updated throughout the process. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to my case and my personal well-being. I would highly recommend this team to anyone in the Columbia area who is in need of legal assistance!!

    Christian Boesl and his team handled my Workman’s Compensation case with excellence. They treated me like family from day one and regularly communicated with me via phone and email. They provided excellent counsel for how to navigate my case and made sure that I received every penny I deserved. I was never hassled by caseworkers or other attorney’s offices. Going’s Law Firm kept everything stressful away from me so that I could focus on healing and I would highly recommend them for your legal needs!

    The Goings Law Firm is made up of top notch attorneys, paralegals, and staff who will undoubtedly serve you to the best of their abilities. They really care about each and every client that walks through their doors and it shows in the service and results that they provide for those clients. The Goings Law Firm truly is the “law firm of the people”!

    Mr. Goings was a phenomenal lawyer to work with. He was very easing going and made our experience very pleasant. Him and his team exceeded all of our expectations and even more. definitely a great team to look into for any legal help!!

    I want to first start off thanking Goings Law Firm. Christopher was my attorney and if I must say the best I could ever ask for! Christopher handled my case with my best interest, always kept me updated on what was new and not only did he care for the case he cared for me as a client, which is very rare. Christopher made it his priority to check in on me and for that I am very thankful!! My case was a very successful win!

    Having never to have had a need for legal representation, l was very skeptical of claims by attorneys. Then a friend referred me to Goings Law Firm.

    After my initial meeting with Attorney Robert Goings and Katie Gould I felt and knew that I had a knowledgeable attorney and a legal firm’s backing who would have my best interest at heart and who would be interested in seeking the best possible outcome for me and my family. Robert and his team kept me abreast of all decisions and actions. He and his team never gave up; but, worked tirelessly on my behalf throughout this ordeal. He made sure that I was not taken advantage of by an insurance company under any circumstances.

    If by chance you are in an automobile accident and are in need of an attorney, I recommend Robert Goings Law Firm hands down. They are the best!!

    Without the help of Robert Goings, I know that I would not have had the successful outcome we had. He was a great help during such a stressful time. He’s very professional and efficient. I would without a doubt recommend him and his firm to everyone!

    Chris Paschal did an excellent job for me after I was hit head on by a DUI driver. He followed up on all of the paperwork and made it very easy for me to go through the process. Insurance companies are the worst for an individual to have to deal with. Not once did I have to engage with or talk to a representative. I strongly recommend his services to anyone needing them

    Super happy to have called these guys to represent me for my worker’s comp case. It was my first time ever needing a lawyer for anything and they helped me every step of the way. Christian and Mallory took their time to explain in detail the processes and procedures of the case. I would absolutely recommend this law firm to anyone in a similar situation as I was. Thank you guys for everything!

    Robert Goings and his team were outstanding during my family’s time of need. He was very responsive and diligent in pursuing our interests. I highly recommend him for your legal needs.

    Although I ended up not needing an attorney for my accident, this office was incredibly helpful. I came in and spoke with Chris and the owner even came in to meet with me. I called Chris back at a later date and he even helped give me more information over the phone even though a case wasn’t needed. I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone!

    Law firm was extremely professional and answered all questions I had in regards to my case. They were very attentive and responded fast. Process was very easy and Robert Goings was the best attorney I could of asked for. Excellent service.

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    Excellent service, very professional, always respectful and diligent. Handled my case quickly and with superior quality and tenacity!
    I recommend Goings for all you workmans comp needs! Christian does an amazing job!

    I want to thank the Goings Law Firm from the bottom of my heart for representing me after I was hit by a concrete truck. Robert and Chris changed my life. We had to go to court to try my case because the insurance company denied wantjng to compensate me. Robert Goings was like the Lebron James in the courtroom. Chris was like Steph Curry. This firm and their lawyers are truly annointed by God’s favor. It was truly a miracle what they did for me in that courtroom. Thank you for treating me with so much compassion and love.

    Robert and his team at the Goings Law Firm are first class. They seek to understand your situation, make you feel comfortable, and will go above and beyond when working on your case. They are hard working and good people.

    The staff at Goings law firm were amazing when handling my case. specifically Chris and robert to anyone looking for legal representation look no further these are your guys. because of them my life has done a complete 360!!!

    Robert and his team were very easy to work with and very professional as well. They made the whole process extremely easy and the results were above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend this firm and will use them for any future matters that I may encounter. Thanks Robert!

    Christian boesl Catherine ashbridge Mallory as well they were wonderful they helped me find the right doctors I needed for my treatment and also they care much about me they asked how I was doing through it all and also worked hard to make sure I got what I deserved and I am forever grateful and.i would definitely recommend more clients to them.because they do great work the best I’ve incounter thus far and I thank each and everyone that helped me on my case

    Exceptional! There are those who are good at what they do and there are those who are the best. Robert and his team are the best. They made me feel cared for, like family would, but in the most professional way.!

    If I could give six stars I would!! I had an absolutely amazing experience specifically with Christopher. Everyone who worked here was friendly and helpful. Christopher went above and beyond making sure that I was consistently updated with my case, making everything super convenient for me, and doing everything he could to get me the most dollar amount in the settlement. I felt like I was in great hands the entire process I went through with Goings law Firm. I have already recommended this place to people in need of a good lawyer and will continue to do so. If I ever need a lawyer again I know the perfect place to go. Thank you to Goings law firm for everything they did for me! I have nothing but good things to say.

    Robert and his team are my go to for any legal matters or questions. They are quick to respond, always extremely knowledgeable and truly care for me. I would highly recommend them.

    Amazing firm to have on your side!! I really appreciate all the help and support from the team. The office is beautiful and anytime I needed to come in everyone was always so pleasant and accommodating. The firm treated me like a priority and I felt they genuinely cared about me. I was always well informed about my case, the staff is very knowledgeable, communication was stellar, any time I reached out weather it be phone call, text or email they responded promptly. Listen, the folks at Goings Law Firm know what they are doing and they are good at it! If I should ever need an attorney, I would not hesitate to give Goings Law Firm a call!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work on my behalf.

    I cannot say enough about the wonderful experience I had with selecting the Goings Law Firm to represent me. I sustained a terrible painful injury in a public place. Robert Goings and especially Jessica Gooding were extremely kind, caring, hard working, and very much in control of my case. I have never been through the litigation process before and they kept me informed step by step. I had full confidence in my representation and received a successful outcome in my case. Kudos to the Goings Law Firm!!! Thank you for all you do!!!

    Hands down the best law firm I’ve EVER dealt with. Very professional, communicative, and hard working people that work here. Completely has changed the lives of my family in the best way possible. Would definitely recommend 10/10 best law firm in Columbia!

    Chris Paschal at Goings Law Firm helped turn an awful situation into a blessing.

    I was hit by a car while walking to work by a negligent driver. While at the hospital that day, a friend put me in contact with Chris Paschal who was immediately on top of the case, sending me advice and making sure I understood the process ahead of me as far as recovery and making a claim on the driver’s insurance. He made sure I documented every injury and any property that was damaged (my phone, my laptop, etc.)

    Chris made it clear up front that his priority was to first get me healthy and then get as much as possible from the insurance company to help cover my medical expenses, replace my personal property that was damaged, and hopefully have some money leftover after those costs for loss of wages and pain & suffering. He told me not to focus on the insurance claim and medical costs but instead on fully recovering from the accident and that he would handle the legal matters. I appreciated how open Chris was— he was clear about his intentions, that he wasn’t going to rush me through a bad recovery plan and then take the first offer available. He was going to fight for me.

    I am uninsured and so hearing all of that eased my anxiety about potential medical costs and instead allowed me to focus on my recovery. Chris stayed in contact with me often so I always knew where we were in the process and hea knew exactly how my treatment was going.

    Chris was awesome and helped change a low point in my year into a blessing. Goings Law Firm is great— they will fight for you and aren’t out to make a quick buck. They are focused on your treatment and recovery as much as the legal matters. They are professional and knowledgeable and will make sure you clearly understand everything in your case, from liability to treatment and billing. I strongly recommend that if anyone finds themselves in a difficult position where they need a personal injury lawyer, these are the guys to call.

    The reputation of Goings Law Firm and the Workers’ Comp team precedes them. The Worker’s Comp team is impressive. Christian is very caring and empathetic. Catherine is very thorough and detail-oriented. They are highly professional and very delightful to talk to. I think they are the best Comp team in the Midlands and highly recommend them.

    The folks at Goings Law Firm are exceptional. They took the reigns of our difficult situation and navigated the deep and murky legal waters for us, keeping us up-to-date frequently, and with genuine care. I am so very grateful for their outstanding service, with Goings far exceeding my expectations in every way. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, at every point through this journey, I felt truly safe with our case in the hands of Goings Law Firm.

    I met with Robert Goings after attempting to navigate an uninsured motorist bodily injury claim without representation. I immediately felt taken care of from the time I entered his office. He took everything off my plate, allowing me time to focus on a good recovery. My recovery is well on the way and my case has been settled much to my satisfaction! It has definitely been a 5 star experience. There is NO way I could have done this well on my own! Thanks Robert!

    Really enjoyed working with both Christian and Catherine. Great people all around. They provided good service, they always kept me updated and made me feel welcomed.

    Robert Goings and his staff are bar none the best attorneys in South Carolina. They helped me through one the most dramatic experiences of my life, stayed patient with me the entire time, always explained everything in detail until i understood, and ultimately obtained more compensation than i ever expected. They make the best out of really horrible situations, and obtain results no other attorneys can. Thank you Goings Law Firm for everything.

    My experience with the Goings Law Firm was beyond five star! These folks here treats you like family and will work day and night for you on your case. Once my wife and I signed with The Goings Law Firm, I didn’t have to worry about weather or not my case was being handled the way it should be, they actually take the time to send you to doctors that KNOW what they’re doing (unlike the ones worker’s comp will send you to) just to make sure you’re getting the care YOU DESERVE. I constantly received calls and text from my legal team, any time I came to the office I felt like the most important person in the world to them. I love these people. My family and I went through a lot with my accident and to have a law firm drive an hour away just to bring your family supper because they know how hard everyday life is with the injuries I sustained is going above and beyond. This is the best legal team in the state of South Carolina by far!! I consider these folks to be friends and would absolutely recommend someone needing legal services to use them. Heck I will use them again if I ever need anything. I will never be able to thank the people at The Goings Law Firm enough for all of their had work and dedication to myself and my family.

    Thank you to the entire Goings Law Firm office!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When I had a car accident in SC being from CT I didn’t know where to turn… thank goodness I found Atty Goings. He has been so attentive and responsive to my case. Following up on my doctors appts, negotiating my medical bills, finding me all the right coverage Atty Goings has gone above and beyond. His communication via email and text was always timely and he explained everything to me thoroughly. I highly recommend Atty Goings for any of your legal needs.

    Christian and Mallory were a very professional team. Excellent at communicating about my case as well as answering any questions I had. Had taken the time to explain to me the various steps to expect during my case. They will definitely act truthfully and honest with your best best interests in mind. Will definitely fight for your rights.

    This was my first experience dealing with a law firm and I can not rave enough on how the Going Team represented me compassionately, professionally and most of all successfully. It was clear that they were willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I received the best possible outcome. I hope I do not have to experience an accident again but if I do I, 100% will be calling Goings Law Firm again. Thank you all!

    Robert Goings is a great attorney who was genuinely interested in me and fighting for the justice I deserved. He is extremely informative with the law and because of this, was able to get me a wonderful settlement. I would recommend Robert to anyone who wants a bulldog fighting for them.

    Robert and Chris went out of their way to get me the most favorable settlement possible. Through the whole process they were friendly, open, and communicative, even visiting me at my house when I was incapacitated with a broken neck. I have never had a comparable experience with any attorney, in any circumstance.

    Thank you for being my great legal team!!!

    Best Law Firm ever! Extremely knowledgeable and worth every penny! Results are never guaranteed but with Goings Law Firm, you’ll definitely have a great outcome! I particularly worked with Christian and he’s everything you need in a representative! Also Christopher and Mallory!

    I am beyond grateful for the hard work The Goings law firm put in for me. Not knowing what to do after the terrible wreck that I wasn’t my fault…I reached out to not one, but two billboard attorneys. They did nothing for me for two years. The last one even ended up saying they couldn’t do anything and they were sorry. I was in shock, devastated. I called a third attorney to see if there was anyway he could help. He met with me the same day. Shook my hand and said, “don’t worry anymore, you have us now”. Robert Goings went really hard for me and my family. He Got the max amount from both parties insurance. This firm gets 10 ⭐️ . I am so thankful I called him

    Great firm, had a auto accident and was getting nowhere with the insurance company on my own. Brought in Robert and got a settlement resolved.

    My experience with Goings Law firm has been nothing but amazing. I was in my first car accident and didn’t know what to do. I was scared and lost at what steps to take to solve the issue. As soon as I contacted Robert, he helped me out immediately and guided me through the process of getting everything I deserved. Thank you to everyone at Goings Law firm for being so kind and helping me when I needed it the most, really appreciate it!!

    Our attorney Christian and his team deserve more than just five stars and we would give them more if possible! We cannot begin to thank Christian enough for all he has done for us! My wife suffered a life altering head injury and from the first day that we contacted him, he meet up with us asap and made us feel like family! Our case was difficult and was always treated as a priority even in the most simplest of details. It was a relief to have such a competent and humane person such as Christian to walk us through, what can only be described as one of our darkest hours. He worked diligently to get us to a place where we can begin to remake our life and this would never had been possible without him. He is kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable and always went above and beyond to make us know he was there with us every step of the way. We were truly blessed to have had his expertise and kind heartedness throughout this trying time and can only say “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Christian, Catherine and the team of Goings Law Firm!! We will never forget all you did for us and how you gave us our life back.”

    We were in a car accident with our girls. Robert took on our case, and our experience was amazing. We didn’t have to worry about anything. He took care of all the details and made it very easy for us.
    All the documents were provided for us to sign, and all we had to do is to show up at court.
    Robert was compassionate, understanding and caring. He was very good with our girls and made sure that the process have as little stress as possible.
    We were very pleased how it turned out and would highly recommend Robert.

    Thank you so much!

    The Janssen Family

    My experience with Goings Law Firm was great. They really put forth the time and support to get me the help I needed when I had my accident. I didnt have to wait to seek medical attention because they were already on it. Any questions I had I’d text or call and they were always there to answer. They kept me informed along the way and I never had to worry. I thank you Chistopher Pachal and Robert Goings for everything you have done.

    Christopher and Mr. Robert are two very passionate lawyers. They went above and beyond on my case. They worked very hard and we’re very patience with me and all of the questions I had. My case took a while but Christopher was able to get me the maximum amount for my case. I’m very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend this law firm.

    After being involved in a 3 car accident, my husband and I were relieved and thankful that everyone survived. Dealing with the aftermath of the accident, however, was not easy. My husband had been hospitalized as a result of the accident, and our first concern, of course, was his health. There were, nevertheless, other issues that demanded immediate attention, and, after a while, we were overwhelmed. We just wanted to put a pause on everything long enough for us to “catch up”. We decided that we definitely needed an attorney to be sure that, at least, our medical bills were paid; however, finding the right attorney turned out to be a challenge, too. After checking a lot of ratings and reviews and speaking with staff members and attorneys in various firms, we thought we might have to just settle for someone we really didn’t feel good about. Then, thankfully, a friend told us about Robert. At our first meeting with him, we felt as though we had known him for a long time. He told us what he would be doing, what was involved and when we could expect updates. He also made sure we had contact info for him and for Katie (his fantastic paralegal) and said to call either of them anytime we had questions. When he left, we felt like we were in good hands and could concentrate on healing instead of worrying about the legal issues. We made the right decision and we’re very pleased with the settlement he got for us. I don’t think anyone could have gotten us more. We hope we will never need a personal attorney again, but if we do, Robert will be the one we call. We highly recommend him.

    Robert and his team took great care of me and my accident case. I’m grateful for the outcome and all the support they gave me during the toughest time of my life. I was injured in SC while I was visiting. Due to Covid and being from another state, we had to communicate via calls, Zoom, and emails. However, Robert and team were always responsive and made sure we understood the situations and options that distance was not an issue at all. I didn’t have to worry about what’s up with my case at all as I knew they were taking a great care of my case. I was able to focus on my recovery. He also understood the sensitive situation, took our requests seriously and handled the whole situation genuinely without compromising the outcome. Thanks Robert, Katie, and the rest of his team for fighting for my health and future. I highly recommend Robert and his team for any personal injury cases. They will fight for you.

    I had the pleasure of doing business with Mr. Robert Goings! Communication was superb, he was polite, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Goings Law Firm for your needs!

    The BEST attorneys in Columbia! Robert and his team helped me throughout the entire process, even during trial. Don’t go anywhere else! His team treats you like family and they keep you updated throughout the process, making it a good experience (despite the circumstance) to every client. Thanks Goings Law Firm for being the best.

    Christian and Mallory have been a pleasure to work with! If I ever need an attorney again, I assure you I will be going back to Goins Law Firm and asking for Christian and Mallory by name! They have kept me updated every step of the way and from the beginning, they made me feel so much better about my situation and truly made me feel like I was not at fault. As an empath and over thinker, that meant more to me then they probably knew. This is a wonderful business to work with and I hope if you’re looking for an attorney, you’ll give their office a call!

    Chris went above and beyond. I received a substantial amount more due to his efforts and was very personal with me along the road. 5 stars for this man’s effort.

    Robert Goings with The Goings Law Firm worked around the clock making big decisions for my health. My well being was always kept first priority and Robert’s effort illustrated that consistently. I must say, I am pleased and grateful to have had such a dedicated team to help me with my case. I couldn’t have asked for better representation that has led to a genuine friendship. Thank you!

    Robert and Christian have taken care of several cases for me over the past 4 years. My experience with them has been exceptional. They made sure I received the health care I needed. Both remained in constant contact with me and explained, in detail, everything that was going on. They are like family to me and I truly can’t thank them enough for all their help. Thank you both so much. I truly appreciate you both.

    Christian boesl Catherine ashbridge Mallory as well they were wonderful they helped me find the right doctors I needed for my treatment and also they care much about me they asked how I was doing through it all and also worked hard to make sure I got what I deserved and I am forever grateful and.i would definitely recommend more clients to them.because they do great work the best I’ve incounter thus far and I thank each and everyone that helped me on my case

    It was an absolute pleasure to work with Robert and Goings Law Firm. After my first conversation with Rob his confidence and boldness told me all I needed to know and I was secure knowing that I was in good hands. He was able to get me a huge settlement in record time. I was expecting this process to be at least a year minimum and Mr Goings executed and got results in 3 months tops!! Do yourself a favor and hire this law firm to get the job done!! Thank you so much Rob!!

    Robert Goings, and his staff are amazing. From day one they were in our corner. They were with us all the way . They kept us informed of all new developments and fought to make sure that we were not taking advantage of by the insurance companies. I would definitely recommend Goings law firm to any of my family and friends. They are second to none. I’ve never felt more confident in a decision as I do with hiring Robert and his firm. I’d like to say thank you one more time for all your hard work and treating us like family.

    Great service, and Robert is one cool lawyer!!! He took great care of me after getting in a car collision.

    I cannot write enough good things about Goings Law Firm. I am so pleased with my experience and am more than satisfied with how Robert and Katie handled my case. I would recommend Goings Law Firm over and over again without hesitation. They’ll be your advocate, they’ll be available and they’ll maintain your best interest.

    Robert Goings and his law firm are wonderful!! They see you as family not just a client!! They are very professional, very knowledgeable, keep you updated on your case, caring, full of compassion and definitely family oriented. Robert fights hard to make sure we are treated with dignity and respect from his law firm and the other side!! I high recommend Goings Law Firm to handle your car accident!! Thank you Robert!!!!!

    As an attorney in South Carolina for over 10 years, i can say with absolute certainty that Robert Goings, and his firm, are far above the field in every way possible. From obtaining results for clients that are plainly un-heard of, to helping his fellow colleagues without any hesitation while wanting nothing back in return, Robert is not only a close professional colleague, but an absolutely awesome friend. I would recommend Goings Law Firm to anyone involved in any type of injury issue, you will never regret it.

    I’m so thankful to God who made me chose is law firm. I didn’t now what to do after my car accident but Chris in the going law firm help me a lot take care everything and I received good result. I will recommend to ppl who need help after car accident to this law firm.

    I originally tried to handle my case on my own but it became overwhelming. After doing research on Google, I found Goings Law Firm LLC. I was amazed of the 5 star review so wanted to check out for myself. After initial meeting with Attorney Jessica, I knew the Goings Law Firm was for me.
    I like to work with business that treat me as a person versus a number.
    Katie is amazing, I had a procedure done, which raised many concerns. She listened to my concerns, offer to be there as much to her capacity. Which really helped eased some of my concerns. I honestly did not expected to receive any type of compensation. I only hoped for my medical bills to be paid. Attorney Robert is amazing as well, he and his team exceed my expectiation. I am truly thankful for the Goings Law Firm team. If seeking a attorney office, knowledgable, will do their best to make sure you received the proper medical care and compensation, treat individuals as a person verus a number, my suggestion is go with Goings Law Firm. I can honestly say the reviews are accurate, glad to have meet them and represent my case. You all are Awesome and Amazing!!! Thank you so much!

    Goings Law Firm is a truely honest firm who will work for you to get whatever you need done. My lawyer, Jess, was outstanding. She was calm, patient, and explained everything in great detail and really made the process a better learning experience for me overall. Everyone at the firm knew their craft and walked the extra mile for me. Even though my case wasn’t “high profile” I never once was treated as anything other than a extremely valuable client.

    I have never worked with an organization that cares this much about each one of their clients. Specifically, my attorney Robert Goings, was truly incredible and went out of his way to go above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome in my case and explain each step along the way. Should I need legal assistance in the future, this will be the first place that I turn!

    The people at Goings Law Firm were wonderful to work with. I dealt with a couple different attorneys as my original one went on maternity leave, but everyone I worked with were attentive and give a genuine feeling that they are listening to you. I felt they were honest and made thingsethings to understand. They took care of nearly everything,which made the process less stressful. If I ever had a question they were happy to answer or find out for me. If I ever find myself in this type of situation again I will definitely call them for help and I highly recommend you do as well.

    Very awesome group of attorneys and team always available to you the whole way and ready to take care of your case

    Robert Goings and his team are excellent, hardworking, and trustworthy. I, myself, and am attorney and when I have had family members need a lawyer and thought it best that I not get personally involved, I didn’t hesitate to recommend the Goings Law Firm. Robert is smart, diligent, and thorough and provides great legal counsel to his clients.

    It’s been a hectic, painful, tiresome and finically draining roller coaster ride dealing with WC. Honestly if I didn’t have Catherine Ashbridge and Christian Boesl I would of given up and lost my sanity! They have been with me every step of the way making sure I got the treatments and therapy I need to start my recovery . If I had questions or just need additional information they were always a phone call away. They even return my calls or email promptly. Working with them felt more like family was looking after me, which made it even easier to work with them and harder to say goodbye! They will be missed! Thank you so much for helping my family and I in our most desperate time of hour! Hopefully I won’t need them again BUT if I do , I won’t hesitate to hire them again!

    They have some of the greatest attorneys because Attorney Christian Boesl and his Paralegal assistant Catherine Asbridge did a wonderful job.

    The law firm did the absolute best with my case. They was patient and there communication was top notch. I appreciate them handling my case.

    Robert Goings, and the Goings Law Firm, is an absolute pleasure to work with. Robert gives wise counsel and prioritizes’ his clients’ needs while determining the best path forward for legal action. You are in good hands entrusting your care to Robert, and I highly recommend him and his firm!

    After a car accident turned my family’s world upside down, Robert and his team were amazing to work with and handled everything with our insurance claim from start to finish, giving me the time I needed to focus on my family. I am so thankful we called him right away and will recommend him to any friends and family that need assistance handling a claim after an accident. We are forever grateful for Goings Law Firm and the peace of mind they helped us find after total chaos!

    Robert Goings and his team did an awesome job helping me with my case, even though things looked as though I would not be reimbursed very much, I believe they went the extra mile to make sure I was taken care of and received all I could collect, to God be the glory!! It was so much more then I really anticipated. Thank you again Robert and Chris!!

    Robert has been a close personal friend since our early teenage years throughout college. He has always had the most outstanding work ethic of anyone I’ve ever met. This has made his law practice one of the most successful in South Carolina and beyond. He has helped my family tremendously during a very difficult and unnecessary loss. Robert has been dedicated to our cause from the day I approached him with my family’s needs. He and the staff at Goings Law Firm will make you feel as if you are the only client they have to work for. You will be number one at Goings Law Firm. Highly recommended for any legal needs.

    I was in a really bad fiery car accident June 8th, 2021 at around 4:30pm. I lost a lot in my vehicle and couldn’t play with my 5 year old son (he was 4 at time). My husband found goings law firm and left them a message. They called at 8am June 9 and got started on everything. It wasn’t a quick case, they did everything to get us what was taken away from us. They also team up with Williams & Williams law firm to help the case. They aren’t there just for the money, they help you get back on your feet.
    They are wonderful!!!!!!!

    They are by far the best team of lawyers I’ve met. They took their time to settle my case correctly and got me way more out of it than what I expected. The wait was completely worth it. I’m so happy I got to work with them and I would highly recommend.

    What can I say about the Goings Law Firm?? I contracted them back in 2018 for a much complicated workers compensation case due to multiple injuries and multiple workers comp cases.

    I came to them with little knowledge of what my rights were as a State employee as I felt that I was being given the run around when it came to receiving treatment for my injuries.

    One thing I can say about Christian Boesl and Catherine Cashbridge they are a dynamic duo team and you are never left waiting for a phone call, an email, correspondence, a response back from them no matter how small, to them it’s significant. You are always treated with respect and dignity, concern and care. This is the best law firm to be involved with and for any of your workers compensation needs.

    Initially, we worked with Robert and Jessica. Towards the end, we worked with Chris. Everyone here did an amazing job. I didn’t get their names, but the rest of the staff were very helpful as well. We were very happy with the outcome. Chris was a pleasure to work with.

    Goings Law Firm are best lawyers in Midlands. They are very friendly and give you the best results you looking for in accident. Thanks to Mrs.Jess Goings for always having patient and making sure I get best results in my case. Thanks again!!!

    Robert Goings is the ultimate professional and works hard for his clients. This was my first time going through civil litigation, and am glad that Goings Law Firm was on my side.

    Highly recommended.

    The Goings Law firm did an excellent job settling my traffic accident case. They took over my case from an out of state firm who was not able to get a monetary settlement. Goings took the bull by the horns and was tenacious in representing me and my family members. We were able to settle out of court with a very nice restitution payment. I highly recommend Robert and his staff to anyone that needs an outstanding lawyer who actually cares about his clients.

    They were so good to us threw out the case. We came in feeling lost and defeated after trying to deal with the adjustor our self. We told them what my syptoms where and how we could not get them to approve any treatments or dr’s. Christan took over and sent me to independent dr. Office while they stalled. He fought for the treatments that I needed and was able to answer questions that I had about what my options for my case thet were every step of the way. He made sure to take the time to make me feel less nervous when we would go to court by going over case our arguments vs there aruments. What kind of questions to expect how the hole thing would go down. I had never done that before doing questions infront of the judge and opposing council and felt prepared for it. I can’t say enough good things about Christan and the job he did.

    Chris Paschal of Goings Law Firm LLC went above and beyond to handle our case in a timely manner. He kept us updated on the process and was always available for any of our questions or concerns. We cannot thank him enough for fighting for us and getting the maximum amount of money after such a tragic accident. Would recommend to anyone in need of a trail attorney.

    Chris Paschal of Goings Law Firm LLC went above and beyond to handle our case in a timely manner. He kept us updated on the process and was always available for any of our questions or concerns. We cannot thank him enough for fighting for us and getting the maximum amount of money after such a tragic accident. Would recommend to anyone in need of a trail attorney.

    Robert took my case personally after I was injured in an attack in May, and since working with him I knew from the jump I was in good hands. What went from the worst moment of the year has become a blessing in disguise. I could not ask for a better outcome to my situation and I have the Goings Law Firm to thank. Should I ever find myself or anybody I know in a similar circumstance I know exactly where to direct them.

    They are wonderful. Everyone there treats you like family. They are professional but also good people to talk to. Mr. Christian and Ms. Mallory are incredible you might as well say you have two lawyers. It was blast seeing Mr. Christian work even if it was for a short time. I can see why he’s recommended by alot of people. Ms. Mallory was a gem to talk to and she knows what she’s doing. She was always there when I felt frustrated. From the moment I met them actually felt safe. If I had any issue they were there to help me. Thank you for treating me like a member of the family. I will forever be grateful to them and will miss talking them.

    I am so very grateful for the guidance given to me by Robert and Katie at the Going Law Firm. I am 3 years into retirement and had my first automobile collision. I truly did not know what to do so a friend at my church recommended Robert. I can say now that having him represent me, as my attorney, was a blessing! Beginning with my first appointment, they took over the mound of paperwork from the insurance company, the hospital and physicians. I received the medical care that was indicated for my injuries and was kept up to date with the progress with my case. They compassionately counseled me throughout the legal processes. It concluded with a settlement that met my expectations. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. In conclusion, I wish to thank them again their help!

    Robert Goings did an excellent job working with my mother and I. Very professional, friendly, hard working and always on top of everything. We are extremely impressed all around and would highly recommend Goings Law Firm to anyone. We appreciate all of the hard work and assistance that this team has done for us!

    I want to thank the Goings Law Firm for the astonishing professional guidance and representation that I was given. My situation was not easy, but Christian Boesl and Mallory Haber assured me that I wasn’t alone and against all the odds of a major multi million dollar company that I worked for over 21 years.
    I highly recommend Christian Boesl and Mallory Haber along with the entire Goings Law Firm family. Thank you and God Bless you all.

    An accident is never an easy thing to go through. Especially with the complexity of insurance, workers comp, or any other 3rd party entity influencing your health and ability to return to 100%. I am grateful for the job and support Goings Law Firm performed in my case. Christian and Mallory were extremely helpful. They were patient in answering any questions I had. They were diligent to make sure that I was able to understand everything and were fighting for me during my case. They were truly amazing! I strongly recommend the Goings Law Firm. They will work for you and will make sure that you are taken care of

    I honestly wish I can give Goings Law Firm a million stars. It all started when I went through a different law firm, but they had to send me to a different law firm because of the case. Boy did they send me to the right place! From the moment I first met with Mr. Robert and his staff, I knew that I was going to get taken care of. They welcome you with warm hearts and open arms. Mr. Robert and Katie are so amazing!!! If I was to recommend a law firm, it would be Goings Law Firm!!! You will not be disappointed.

    Christian was my husband Craig’s attorney, I can’t put into words what Christian and all the employees at Goings Law Firm did for us and how they supported and stood behind my husband like they did. Christian we can’t thank you enough for everything. We are beyond grateful for your commitment, your loyalty, and your compassion during this trying time in our life. Christian pushed the Workers comp firm for every Dr. Appointment, Prescription, you name it just to make sure Craig had what he needed. From the bottom of our hearts WE THANK YOU! You are an amazing Person and KICK A** Attorney by far.

    Thank you for everything!
    Craig & Karin Roberts

    I cannot put into words how much this firm has changed my life! I went through so much since I got into my car accident. My 1st lawyer on the case did very minimal. Robert and his firm went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I was taken care of. No matter what the problem was I made one call and it was taken care of. From doctors appointments last minute, treatment and just my overall well-being. I’ve had over 25 surgeries and procedures and these were all MAJOR. AFTER every single appointment he Always called to make sure I was being treated like royalty. I will refer him to everyone. I work in a call center and I swear I brag on this man and his firm to everyone!!!! Everyone knows who Robert Goings is in my world!!!! The vibe is so different he truly cares about his clients. From Katie with the hugs to the team always being ready to spring into action. I’m more than pleased. This has NOT been an easy journey. However, Robert and his team have become family and for that I am forever grateful!

    Stop! You are at the best law practice ever! I don’t have adequate words to describe The Goings Law Firm. Robert Goings is compassionate, genuine and “spot on” the law. First time I met Robert, I immediately knew my search was over. I rolled out of his office knowing he had my back. Each time I meet with Robert, I take a huge sigh of relieve because I know he’s on top of his game. He has never failed to return my call in a timely manner. He is very detailed and the absolute best at explaining the law. Never ends a conversation without making sure he has covered all my questions. Robert recently did a deposition and my doctor said to me that he has participated in many deposition but he has never seen one as professional as Robert’s. And Katie ~ Oh My Goodness ~ Amazing! Goings Law Firm is the “real deal!” A total package under one roof!

    Christopher Paschal was amazing handling my case. Chris was extremely professional and helpful when I needed someone to advocate for me when I did not feel able to advocate for myself. He was able to jump in and assist with very short notice with extreme knowledge and expertise. He was also dedicated with checking and double checking everything and being available anytime I had questions. I would certainly recommend Chris to anyone who is seeking counsel.

    Goings Law Firm is a great family friendly oriented organization. They are upfront and honest with you. They keep you up to date on all information about your case and is always available for questions that you may have. Last but not least, they work hard to get you every penny you deserve. I recommend Goings Law Firm, LLC if ever in an accident and you need help and compensation.

    The Goings Law Firm is amazing. Robert and his team were extremely helpful, informative, and fought for us and our case. I would recommend the Goings Law Firm 10/10.

    I am so happy that I reached out to Goings Law Firm after my auto accident. I love them all, Robert, Katie and Jessica.. They are so nice and understanding… they really helped in the time of need and made suggestions…. I will always work with them if needed! Thanks for helping me guys! -Kim J.☺️

    Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for Robert Goings, and his amazingly talented team at Goings Law Firm, LLC. Mr. Goings was always genuinely concerned about my health, and overall well-being, was instrumental in recommending the best medical treatment plan for my injury, and most importantly, he treated me as if I were family. Mr. Goings was extremely attentive to every detail regarding my case, and he executed professional results and recovery, well beyond my greatest expectation. Mr. Goings is by far, the greatest attorney that I have had the pleaure of working with! Practicing law is Mr. Goings’ true calling, as he absolutely loves helping his clients! His caring and professional insight has shaped me into a better person, and the financial recovery has set me on a path for a greater future! I would highly recommend Robert Goings for professional, experienced, and well-balanced legal representation.

    As a court reporter, I have the pleasure of working with some of the best lawyers in South Carolina; so when my husband was injured in a car accident and needed competent representation, I just asked some of my colleagues who they respected in the field. After all, what greater compliment is there than to earn the respect of professionals in your field? Needless to say, Robert Goings came highly recommended and rightfully so. Mr. Goings worked tirelessly to resolve my husband’s case, despite the fact my husband wasn’t always the best client, and we still ended up with the best possible outcome because, in my opinion, we had the best attorney. Robert Goings is a professional, caring, experienced attorney with an amazing paralegal, Katie, and a wonderful support staff. If you need legal representation, The Goings Law Firm is the only call you need to make.

    Goings Law Firm has been such a tremendous blessing to my wife and I. Robert and Christian and the staff are so friendly they make you feel like family- always courteous and caring. There’s not another law firm I would consider using. They are very professional but it’s the personal touch that make them so different and it’s very genuine- It’s who they are. Robert and Christian fought very hard to win my case. They kept us well informed the entire time. They are just good folks that care and in today’s society that something you don’t find much of.

    The Going Law Firm is an awesome, professional firm. Mr. Goings and the staff there are so pleasant and helpful. If there is anything you need please call them. Life happens but they will help you get through those difficult times. They don’t see the dollar signs but they see the people.

    Robert and his team came in and took care of everything!! My daughter and I had been in a car accident and months later we were getting zero communication with the insurance companies. Medical bills were coming in and we didn’t know what to do next. Robert took care of us! He told us what we needed to know about the process and simply made it happen. I’m so very grateful to him and his team!

    The Goings Law Firm has been such an extreme blessing to our family. Robert and Christian have been amazing. They have treated us like part of their family and fought for our case every step of the way. They kept us informed and gave us great advice that really made a difference in the end. The office staff has been so courteous and professional. We consider this firm not only the best in Columbia, but best in the state of South Carolina.

    I have turned to Mr. Goings over the past several years for legal advise or representation. I could not be more pleased with the amount of professionalism and personal touch he has always provided. From even my first encounter with Mr. Goings he has been able to help me understand the process and guide me. This is something that I feel helps tremendously when you are seeking legal advice and representation. The staff of Goings Law Firm are just as friendly as Mr. Goings. I recommend him to all my family and friends whenever his services could be used. You will not find another law firm that is able to provide the same level or greater level of service as you will with Goings Law Firm.

    Best lawyers ever!!!! I’m so thankful for Robert & Jessica for everything they’ve done for me. The patience & care that I’ve received means more to me than even they realize. I’ve been involved in any & all steps! I didn’t feel left in the dark about anything & Jessica is so patient breaking down terms that I can follow along. I truly feel like they’ve treated me like family handling my case. Not once did I feel like I was being put on a back burner or that my case wasn’t top priority. Even with my case not being an extravagant outcome, they always made me feel like I was getting a million dollars. They handled my case with such urgency & never settled for less than all they could!! I would & have recommended this law firm before any other! Jessica is so sweet but a beast when it comes to litigation! She never backed down & always stood up for me to make sure I got the best deal. I love this team!! Thankful for all they’ve done!!

    Mr Goings was very attentive to my case from beginning to end. His team as excellent and the customer service was impeccable. When I called there was always someone to take my call and listen to my concerns and respond in a timely manner. He was on top of my case from beginning to end let me know what was going on every time there was a change. Would drive from Columbia to meet me if needed. He is an excellent lawyer and I’m so happy I found him based on previous reviews.

    The Goings Law Firm is handling our suit against an at-fault driver, and we have been extremely pleased with their handling of the case. They are very thorough and their paralegal, Katie Gould, is excellent. Her ability to keep up with every detail and dig up information that concerns, or could possibly help, our case is amazing. The attitudes of the two attorneys with whom we have worked, Robert Goings and Christian Boesl, have greatly reduced our anxiety.

    Mr. Robert Goings and Katie been nothing short of amazing. They have been very open and honest about the length of time we’d be looking at for our settlement, answered any and all questions we came up with, and took the time to make sure we’d get back as much as possible. I can honestly say I don’t know what we would have done without them. Mr. Goings has surpassed my expectations and went above and beyond what he was hired to do. I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done, his kindness has not gone unnoticed! If you want someone who is going to fight for you Goings Law Firm is who you’ll go to!

    If I could give them 5 extra stars, I would. They are awesome!
    If you are looking for an attorney that will treat you like a person (not a$), this is where you need to be!
    Everyone at Goings Law Firm treated me like family. They went above and beyond to help me out in one of the most trying times of my life.
    Robert Goings is THE MAN! I can’t say enough good things about him!
    Thank you, Robert, and the entire family at Goings Law Firm! They worked very hard on my case until the very end.

    The Goings law firm has the greatest lawyers and staff that I ever experienced. I have never had to use a lawyer for anything, but I had a accident that was not my fault. Someone referred me to the Goings law firm and I am so happy that they did. Christian is one of the most caring lawyers that I have ever met. He really cares about his clients ,and there well being. He went over and beyond for me to get the best settlement from the insurance company. The insurance company tried to take advantage of me,but Christian didn’t let that happen. I was so pleased with the out come of my case. Christian is a honest lawyer,and God has graced and anointed Christian for this job. These days it is hard to find honest people that will have your back especially a lawyer. He was God sent. I prayed to God to lead me to a attorney that would not take advantage of me and that was honest and that he did.

    My car was hit head on. Air bags deployed, car totaled, injuries sustained. I had never been in this situation before and really did not know what to do but I did know that the amount of money the insurance company offered, to settle, was not fair. So, I did some research, liked the excellent ratings/reviews of Goings Law Firm and the fact that they do not bombard the airwaves with repetitious, annoying advertisement. I really did not know if they would accept my case, if it was worth their time, but I decided to give them a call. I had been turned down by another legal firm already so my confidence was lacking. I spoke with Katie and she arranged a meeting with Robert. He said he would be able to help me and they worked diligently to get me a fair settlement. Throughout the process I knew I could rest assured that they had my best interest at heart and my patience paid off. It’s like I invested (in time) the small settlement offered from the insurance company and gained an unbelievable return on my money! I cannot thank them enough. I highly recommend Goings Law Firm to assist you with any legal matter you may encounter.

    Hands down one of the BEST attorneys in the state!! Robert Goings exceeded all expectations. He welcomed me and my daughter with open arms and he kept me informed every step of the way. I knew exactly what was going on in my case and I really like that about him. His entire staff was awesome and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney. I guarantee you, you will be very pleased with Mr. Goings. Honestly,he definitely deserves more than 5 stars!!!

    They are the best!!!! Robert and Christian are not only professional they have great personalities and sense of humor! And I can’t forget Mallory she is great to talk to and has the best sense of humor wish she was my lawyer also lol but I can’t think of anything else about the group as they make you feel like family and puts your mind at ease about you cases. Going to miss chatting with them

    Robert Goings and his staff are a group of special people. They are passionate about what they do, they love it and it shows! I came to Robert with a workers compensation case never having needed a lawyer before. I was unsure about the whole process. He and his staff put me right at ease. They answered many questions and even offered information I wouldn’t have thought of. Robert and his staff are simply the best! Robert is professional, compassionate, kind and a hardworking person. He is an expert in his field. If you are looking for the best lawyer, you’ve found him. I will forever be grateful to Robert and Katie for giving me my life back. You will not regret the decision to have Robert Goings on your side.

    I highly recommend Goings Law Firm, LLC for Workers Compensation claims. My case was very complicated and drawn out over 3 years, but Robert and Christian had my back and fought for me the entire time. I went through 4 major surgeries and they always checked in to ensure that my employer was providing everything I needed to recover. And if they weren’t, Robert and Christian stayed on them until it was done. In my opinion they are truly experts at what they do…representing an injured employee and assuring they get the care and compensation they deserve. I just want everyone to know how professional, compassionate and knowledgable Goings Lawfirm is. I am truly grateful for their representation through it all.

    I had an excellent experience with the Goings Law Firm. The communication was wonderful and Robert Goings and Jess are a lot of fun. Jess always keep me up to date on my case. I was glad to be recommended to this wonderful law firm!!! They got me the settlement that I deserved. Was very PLEASED with the outcome!!!

    From the very initial point of contact Goings Law Firm has been nothing but a blessing. The amount of time, effort, sincerity, diligence, caring, compassion, pride, respect, sympathy, understanding, and success; that this Firm has shown and continues to show is extraordinary! Katie the first sweet voice you hear and face you see is a plethora of knowledge, commitment, and determination. She is quick with accuracy and efficiency. The staff at the Firm has been driven and not once wary on the strength and confidence that they have for you as a client and person. Robert Goings’ assiduous manner and scrupulous attention to detail was flawless. The Goings Law Firm has completely fulfilled all aspects and surpassed any expectations I had for counsel. I highly recommend this practice to anyone and everyone seeking advice and assurance of an honest, ethical, outstanding group of individuals with only your best interest at heart.

    There is nothing but great things for me to say about Goings Law Firm. The entire staff is friendly and very customer/ client service based. They give realistic expectations to the outcome of a case. They all work very hard to ensure the client is taken care of and keep open lines of communication. If at anytime their client has questions they will schedule a meeting for the client to ask all questions needed to feel comfortable and understand the status of the case. I would recommend Goings Law Firm to anyone and if I should ever need a lawyer again they will be my first phone call.

    I never knew a law firm could be so awesome to work with when you are going through some terrible life experiences!
    Robert, Katie, and Andrew have been amazing from day 1 when we called them. Robert immediately made us feel better and took the terrible burden off of our backs. They kept us in the loop every step of the way. Communication is key when dealing with legal issues that are stressful to clients and this law firm is top notch when it comes to this. They
    presented the facts,allayed our fears, and helped us settle our legal issues in a fair and timely matter. They did everything possible to ensure our outcome was positive and rewarding. Thank you! Goings Law Firm
    Kirk and Shelia Steptoe

    Christian Boesl, Mallory Haber, and the Goings Law Firm team made me feel like family. They went over and beyond their jobs to make sure I got the outcome I deserved. My case was complex and they never gave up on me. I was blessed to have the best attorney working on my case. I could not have asked for a better team. I thank everyone at the Goings Law firm for a job well done on my Workers Comp case. I recommend them to anyone who is seeking legal help. They are an awesome Law Firm.

    Christopher Paschal did an incredible job taking care of me in my case. He took my insurance company head on and was able to settle with them outside of court for more money than I previously thought possible. He was both highly personable and professional. I was very blessed to have him represent me. I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone that is seeking counsel.

    I’ve never worked with a lawyer prior and decided to give the Goings Law Firm a call to assist me with a legal matter. I did meet with other lawyers prior but I knew I found the team I wanted to represent me during our first meeting. It just felt right! I had the complete pleasure of working with Christian Boesl and his paralegal Mallory Haber. Since the moment I met them I’ve felt like family. They always had my best interest at heart and their level of professionalism is second to none. This team was the bright light that helped me navigate seamlessly through these stressful times. I am so grateful for them and what we were able to accomplish. I know finding someone to have your back when it comes to legal matters can be scary but look no further than The Goings Law firm. They’ll have your back and make it look easy too

    After my car accident, I was honestly lost and didn’t know what to do or what I could do legally. I was referred to Goings Law Firm and I couldn’t have picked a better team to represent me. From the second I reached out, Robert and Katie made it clear they had my best interest at heart and their main focus was getting my injuries taken care of first. Any time I had a question or needed help in regards to my case, they were there to help me get understanding. Thank you guys so much for helping me. If I ever need an attorney for personal injury matters in the future, there’s no question who I’d choose!

    After representing me after I fell down the stairs at work and injured my back, I would recommend the Goings Law Firm to handle any personal injury matter.

    Robert and Jessica made me feel like my case mattered to them and that my goals were their goals. They were tireless advocates for me yet they were also willing to be upfront and honest in their assessments of my options going forward. I never felt pressured to choose one course of action over the other, but I was always confident that they had my best interests in mind as they represented me. Beyond just being attentive about my situation in general, they kept me informed at every stage of my case. Their staff is also amazing and supportive as well as polite and courteous.

    In the end, the Goings Law Firm cared about my case like it was their own and worked hard to get me the result that I needed.

    The Goings Law Firm team were truly amazing resources to work with after I was involved in an accident while I was in SC on vacation. Robert was super responsive and involved to insure we got a wonderful outcome. 5 Stars!!!!

    The very best law office! Robert and Katie have helped me through the whole process and check in on me during my recovery of reconstruction on my limb after being hit on my Harley. I would definitely use them again if the need ever arises.
    Thank you for all your hard work! I appreciate you

    Robert is the absolute best attorney with whom I have ever had the privilege of co-counseling—not just in South Carolina; but, anywhere! South Carolinians, if you want a fabulous attorney who is highly competent, successful, and extremely well-respected, look no further. In fact, just this evening as we were working on a case together preparing for mediation, several judges and attorneys stopped by our table and sang Robert’s praises. Every, single person was genuinely happy to see Robert and, without any provocation, each person told me how great he was—both professionally and as a person. If you want the best, Robert is your attorney!

    The Goings law firm has been the best!! They’re like family. The staff is wonderful especially Katie. I would recommend this law firm to everyone. I love love Robert and Christian the best lawyers in South Carolina period!!!

    Robert came highly recommended when my nanny was involved in a car accident a few years ago. She was very pleased with the service she received. So, when I unfortunately found myself in the same situation last year, Robert was the first person I called. He and his office are very responsive, compassionate and capable of handling any case, big or small. I was so thankful to have an advocate on my side through the difficult and confusing claim process, and so glad I didn’t have to deal with the insurance companies myself. I sincerely hope I don’t need such services in the future, but should I find that I do I’ll call my trustworthy friends at the Goings Law Firm. Thanks for everything Robert and Katie!

    My hats off to Robert Goings of Goings Law Firm, LLC of Columbia, SC! He took my case when several other attorneys declined because my case was old and very complex. We signed paperwork today to finally close this case after 10 years! Mr. Goings has been handling my case for the last two years. It would not have happened without Robert Goings! Mr. Goings took my case after my original attorney was unable to complete the case due to medical issues. Mr. Goings was honest, truthful, and patient with me. He got a settlement in the 6 figure range! I never expected that! He and his paralegal Katie worked very hard and very smart on my case. Lastly, Mr. Goings really gave me a break on the price of his services! He took my case as second attorney and then he surprised me with a charge that was more than fair! I thank God for this honest man with Christian values! If you need an attorney, retain Mr. Goings, you cannot find a better attorney or a better man!

    A huge thanks to Robert and Jessica for all they did to secure a win in my case regarding an injury I sustained in a fall.
    Since we were unable to reach a settlement out of court, Robert didn’t hesitate taking our case to trial. He was awesome I court and showed a natural talent and ability to present our case. I was amazed at the extent Robert and Jessica went to prepare for court.
    They developed exhibits showing the severity of my injury and assembled numerous witnesses and medical experts that testified on my behalf.
    As I sat in court that day I was totally amazed at the overwhelming evidence presented by Robert and Jessica, and Robert’s natural ability.
    The result was a decisive verdict and big win in my favor.
    I highly recommend Robert and his firm.
    He is a Winner!!

    I am very pleased with my experience at the Goings Law Firm. One of the first things I noticed was the level of professionalism. My attorney was very knowledgeable of the law and thorough in handling my case. I would highly recommend the Goings Law Firm who turned a complicated legal matter into a seamless and rewarding outcome.

    I would absolutely recommend Goings Law Firm. Christian Boesi and Mallory Haber are very polite, caring, knowledgeable, and professional. They where easy to reach whenever I had questions or concerns, and quick with getting me answers. Christian is straight forward and explains everything. Mallory will help with anything you need and always responds to messages in a timely matter. They made my situation less stressful, and I felt like I had someone on my side through it all. I would definitely call them going forward should I need anything in the future.

    We can’t thank the professionals at Goings Law Firm enough for their assistance with a matter involving a serious injury my wife sustained while on the premises of a hotel. As both my wife and I are attorneys, we attempted to work through the matter with the insurance company directly but, unsurprisingly perhaps, the particular insurance adjuster dug in his heels and for no real reason, simply refused to work it out. Realizing that we were getting a major league brush off from the insurance adjuster, we researched litigators and came across the Goings Law Firm. You’ll see their reviews are outstanding and there’s a good reason for that.

    From the first time we spoke and throughout the process, they proved themselves to be knowledgeable, responsive, professional and effective. They moved quick and efficiently; they set timelines for activities and kept to them; and they stayed on the insurance company, even through this pandemic. In all ways, they kept the heat on and advanced a meritorious claim.

    Big thanks to Robert for his great counsel, expertise
    and assistance and especially Jessica, who had point responsibility for much of the litigation and really did a fantastic job. Based on our personal experience, we would be glad to recommend the Goings Law Firm to anyone in need of serious litigation/trial counsel.

    Working with everyone at Goings Law Firm was great! The kindness and dedication that Christian, Robert, Katie, and Mallory show to their clients is amazing. You are not just a client to them, but are treated like family. Truly awesome people!

    After an accident that resulted in a personal injury which took me over a year to recover, I tried to negotiate with the insurance company to no avail. The first attorney I met with rejected my case. A friend recommended Robert Goings to me. After my first meeting with him I was completely relieved and felt assured that he could help me. Robert kept me informed, worked diligently and finally got the policy limit for the injury I had sustained. Robert is very professional, easy to talk to and an outstanding attorney who provides a quality service to his clients. The members of his staff are very competent, friendly and helpful as well. I would recommend Robert to anyone and also seek his advice again if I am ever in need of legal counsel.

    Mr. Goings and his staff are the best. My experience with his Law firm was great. I felt more like a family member than a client which was a big deal to me. To see Mr. Goings in action, fighting for my case shows how much he cares for his clients and myself. If you looking for someone to fight hard for you, Try Goings Law Firm. They are one of the best!!!!! Thank you again.

    Mr. Robert Goings was the Best lawyer to work with, he was with me every step of the way explaining everything before had. Their family oriented and will answer all of your questions. So if you ever need a great lawyer please give Robert Goings a call.

    Thank you

    Robert Goings and his team are not just exceptional with regards their professionalism but truly do their due diligence to ensure any and every avenue of pursuit and protection is covered. My husband and I worked directly with Mr Goings on my husbands case. Mr Goings was always available, eager to answer even the most simple of questions and took his time explaining details with us. This man takes his job seriously, is not afraid of going to court and when he believes there is injustice to be served, he sees to it you are taken care of beyond expectations. Mr Goings, this firm, is serious, hard working and legitimate. They are working for you and you will never have a moment of regret. Our lives were changed by what happened but because of Mr Goings, the resolution is sweeter than any other lawyer could have dreamt. Thank you to Goings Law Firn for going above and beyond, which even that is an understatement.

    Goings Law Firm is a paradigm for what legal counsel should represent. Robert, his partners, and staff walked my mother and I through every step of the litigation process. Not only was my mother elated with her compensation package, but at 85 years old, she was thrilled to learn so much about the legal profession. The staff is like family, the environment is awesome, and Robert is so funny! He really helped mom overcome hers fears an inhibitions about hiring an attorney. The talent, expertise, and knowledge is in one place. Goings Law Firm! They made believers out of us, and will do it for you also!

    I was involved in an accident and hired Mr. Goings to handle my case, I can not express enough how great him and Katie Gould were throughout the entire process. They made it as pain free of a process as possible for me as I was dealing with physical therapy, they were dealing with everything else. They kept me updated throughout the entire process at every milestone and are very easy and friendly to work with. I will absolutely refer them to anyone and everyone that needs their services in the future, as well as God forbid I ever need their services again I will be calling them! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to my case, you guys are amazing!

    I had an amazing experience with Goins Law Firm. They took on my case and kept me in the loop and gave me updates with everything. The staff, Katie and Jessica, we’re awesome and they paid great attention to details. Attorney Robert Goins was amazing. He has a great attitude and you can tell that he cares about his clients and their cases. I would definitely this Law Firm to my family and friends.

    Attorney Goings, Thanks for taking my personal injury case and working with me. I appreciate all the work you, Katie and the entire Goings Law Firm have done on my behalf. You are a great attorney and very easy to conversate with. An experience attorney, professional, genuine, honest, great personality, and always caring about the well being of his clients. Attorney Goings is an attorney that will keep you well informed each step of the case process, and will get the job done. I have nothing but GREAT things to say about the Goings Law Firm. Again Thanks For All of Your Hard Work!

    The Goings law firm has done an excellent job with our auto insurance claim. They have walked us through every step and answered any questions we have had. Robert and his staff have been both caring and professional throughout the whole process. Is such a relief to have an advocate that has worked with many situations like ours in the past.

    Robert and Christian are two of the best attorneys in South Carolina. If I had a serious injury, the Goings Law Firm is the first place I would call for help. I recently referred a close family member who was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident to Robert. Without a doubt, he will provide not only great legal representation, but he will also treat my cousin with kindness and respect. Likewise, Christian knows and understands the difficulties injured workers face in workers’ compensation claims. If you are hurt at work, he will get you the benefits to which you are entitled, and he will treat you like family. Do not hesitate to contact the Goings Law Firm if you are injured!

    Very patient and considerate concerning my injuries and inexperience with legal procedures.
    Very professional and diligent in settling for my absolute best interest.
    Can not have asked for better representation.
    … Thanks again Robert for all the help.
    …Edward Hoyt
    btw: great hot sauce too.

    Hello everyone I would just like to say Robert and his staff are amazing. I had a bad experience with another lawyer before coming to Goings Law Office, but Robert took extra time to comfort me and restore my faith in a attorney period. At the Going Office I experienced professional and knowledgeable staff. If every there is a need I will always come back to this office and recommend family and friends. Thanks again for all that you’ve done in my case and a graceful settlement.

    Thanks Again,
    Lirhonda Butler

    I have worked with Goings on two occasions and both have resulted in favorable outcomes for me. Robert is efficient and thorough making it very easy to work with him. He is an excellent plaintiff attorney and managed the legal hassle of a medical malpractice and an injury claim for me. I highly recommend him for legal matters large and small.

    Five stars is not enough for Robert Goings and his paralegal Katie. They deserve ten stars. They are phenomenal at what they do. They stayed on top of my case and kept me updated every step of the process.Robert is the best personal injury attorney in Columbia. I highly recommend him for any injury related case. Robert got me exactly what I deserved in the ending. Thanks Robert. You’re the man!

    Robert and his whole office were outstanding! Extremely professional and cared about me and my case. I never had to worry about anything getting done and he took the stress off of me. I could trust he looked out for my future!

    I am very happy with the service I received from attorney Robert Goings and his team. This was our families first time dealing with the legal system and we did not know what to do or where to turn. Our fears were put to rest when we found Mr. Goings. He explained everything that was going to happen and was always responsive to our questions and concerns. He took the time to explain our options so we could weigh the pros and cons of each and come to a conclusion together. I would highly recommend Mr. Goings . He was a true professional at all times and knows his way around the court system. He went above and beyond what we expected and was fair with his billing as well. Robert and his team treated me like family instead of just a client. Robert is fantastic and has a fantastic team behind him…This is definitely the Law Firm you would want fighting for whatever it is your going threw trust me…..

    The best Attorney! Robert stays on top of everything and definitely will keep you updated on your case! My son and I was involved in a head on collision and without hesitation Robert took our case! He checked on us constantly! We were injured really bad but did not have to worry because Robert had that controlled also! Can’t leave Katie out because she is the most genuine and sweetest human ever! Robert and I even found out we’re the same age but I do have him by a couple of months.. lol CHOOSE GOINGS LAWFIRM YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED! Thank You so much to my first and Favorite Lawyer Robert Goings! You’re family now!

    The five stars should speak for itself but I am EXTREMELY satisfied and pleased with the knowledge and professionalism of Goings Law Firm. They treated me like family and got me the settlement I deserved. Thanks Mr. Goings! Last but not least, Katie is awesome and a delight! I highly recommend Goings! YOU WON’T GO WRONG! Thanks!

    My son and I were injured in a car accident and Robert represented us professionally and diligently in working with the other party’s insurance company. We enjoyed working with Robert and his staff. They always treated us with dignity and respect and Robert kept us abreast of developments in our case while explaining the legal proceedings in a clear, concise, “down-to-Earth” way. He is a man of integrity and I would highly recommend him if a person needs representation in a personal injury case.

    5 stars is not enough to express the EXCEPTIONAL service I received from Mr. Goings and Mrs. Gould at Goings Law Firm, LLC. They are honest and authentic and that goes a long way. I really appreciate the way I was treated. I never walked in the office questioning how I would feel when leaving. I was always met with a smile, a caring attitude, and great advice. If you ask me where would I go for representation it would definitely be Goings Law Firm. #GOINGSLAW!

    Robert is a great lawyer, I met him several years ago in a workers competition chain that he represented me in. He is very professional and knowledgeable! He helped me in ways that made a big difference in the outcome of my claim. He is not only a great lawyer but a good friend now. His staff is just as good, very professional, and very personal. Robert thanks again!

    Working with the Goings law firm was an absolute pleasure. Jessica was great to work with, she was very attentive and knowledgeable about what was going on. She kept me up to date with everything throughout the entire process and answered all my concerns. She was sweet, very polite and again an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you for being patient with me throughout this entire process and getting my medical bills paid. I would recommend this law firm to everyone. Jessica I can’t thank you enough.

    The Goings Law Firm went above and beyond assisting me after a serious auto accident. Robert Goings and Katie Gould were thorough and kind explaining every step of the process to me, sometimes more than once. Robert was persistent and professional making sure that we received the highest allowable compensation from all parties. I could not have been more pleased with the overall outcome.

    Christian and Catherine are complete rockstars! My case wasn’t the easiest to take on, but from the start Christian and Catherine treated me with complete compassion and care. Two years and several continuances later, Christian was able to secure a compensation package and allow me to begin to close one of the most chapters of my life. Although my case dragged and had several unique intricacies Christian never treated me with anything less than professionalism and respect. Catherine was able to keep me informed of every twist and turn and her compassion was a comfort. Truly thankful for everything they’ve done.

    If I could rate Goings Law Firm higher than 5 stars, I would! Jess and Robert are incredible, they really went to bat for us and gave us the most favorable outcome possible. They showed passion and that they truly care! I’m able to rest easy knowing I could rely on them.

    I would recommend this law firm to anyone. Mr. Goings is very loyal, keeps his word, and works hard for his clients. I was in a terrible car accident caused by a drunk driver, and without him I would not be where I am today. He helped me get the compensation that I deserved and he continues to fight for me. You need to use Robert Goings, and also get to know his incredible staff. Thank you guys!

    When I needed to hire a lawyer to help me through a Workers Comp claim, Mr. Goings was highly recommended to me by an attorney in the HHI area. From the first call to the office, I was treated with respect and courtesy, and Robert himself got on the phone with me to go over the details of my situation. Even though it was possible my case wouldn’t end in a billable situation for him, he was kind enough to take it anyway because he knew I needed help to get the insurance company to approve my claim. Everyone I worked with was wonderful, and with Mr. Goings’ expertise, I got my claim approved. Throughout the ongoing process, I’ve gotten regular updates via e-mail, texts and phone calls, and they’re frequently from Mr. Goings himself. Thank you SO much to Robert, Paralegals Katie Gould and Leslie Clamp, and everyone at the Goings Law Firm office for the kind and caring help.

    After being rear ended in a car accident, I needed help navigating the insurance settlement. Having never needed the services of an attorney, I was very anxious about the whole process. Robert Goings & his staff were excellent to work with; at no point did I question my decision or feel that we would achieve anything less than the best possible settlement. I would never hesitate to recommend him to family, friends or strangers!

    I have had the privilege to work several cases with the Goings Law Firm and I am always impressed by their tenacity, knowledge of the law, and professionalism. Robert is someone who cares deeply about his clients and is passionate about justice. I can’t say enough about the Goings Law Firm and everyone associated with them. They go above and beyond!

    As an aspiring attorney, I’ve had a great experience working with this office over the past two summers. Everyone in the office is always willing to step in and help where they can and work towards assisting our clients. It has been very beneficial in furthering my future career.

    Mr. Chris and Katie are awesome! They were so patien with me! I had never done this and they walked me through everything with professionalism and grace. They were diligent and fought for me. Thanks Goings Law Firm, y’all are the bomb!

    I was nervous and wary when trying to choose a lawyer for my personal injury from a vehicle accident. I’m am so blessed that I chose Goings Law Firm. I was instantly put at ease. He’s very personable and genuine and worked so hard to get us everything we could to try to get back on our feet. Don’t go with a lawyer that’s all flash and no substance. You will not have to worry about anything if you choose Goins Law Firm. We’re so thankful

    I would like to thank the Goings Law Firm, LLC for being a blessing to me. I was referred to Attorney Robert Goings by a friend as I experienced a stressful situation with a local business. I am a widowed woman and a large company was trying to take advantage of me in a business matter. After my friend explained my situation to him, he took on the issue with no hesitation. Mr. Goings contacted the company and successfully resolved the situation in the most timely manner. If you find yourself in a situation beyond your control, please contact the Goings Law Firm. A special thank you to Attorney Robert Goings! You’re the best!

    When I looked for an attorney for my bad car accident, I read the reviews for the Goings Law Firm. This firm had great reviews so I contacted them. Thankfully, Mr. Goings took my case and fully explained the process to me and he took the worry out of my mind. Before hiring him, I tried to settle my case with the insurance company on my own, but I was low balled- Mr. Goings and his office got me a lot more than I ever imagined. A big thanks to his office!!!!

    Robert Goings and his paralegal Katie Gould are amazing people. I got hit by a drunk driver and went straight to Robert’s firm to have him represent me. They stayed involved in my medical treatment the entire time. They constantly checked on me to make sure I was ok and kept me in the loop as far as my case was concerned. They went above and beyond what I thought an injury lawyer should do. They even got me more to help with the medical aspect of my treatment. Went as far as to recommend qualified doctors to be seen by. Although I hope to never be in this kind of situation again, if I ever get hurt again, I definitely be going to Robert and his staff to have them represent me again. If I could give a 10 stars I would. This is the law firm that cares more about you than anything else. So happy with them.

    The Goings Law Firm is the best personal injury and workers compensation firm in the state. I loved my experience with this firm. A big thanks to Robert and his wonderful legal team for taking great care of my family!!

    I came across Goings Law Firm shortly after a disheartening phone call with an insurance company, following a life changing accident and the resulting surgeries. After calling multiple law firms in the Augusta and Columbia areas I starting talking to Katie. She was the first person that I had talked to all morning that really listened to what I had to say. Moments later I was talking to her and Robert personally.

    The ability of this team to take my terrible situation and protect my wife and I while keeping our best interests close to heart was amazing. From Katie and Robert making a 1.5 hour trip to visit me in person when I was finally released from the hospital, to the weekly and sometimes even daily updates on our case. They fielded all of the insurance companies, private investigators, billing agencies, and even debt collectors, allowing me to focus on recovery and my family.

    Working with Katie and Robert was a pleasure and I would like to point out it wasn’t all just about the case, they were concerned with how I was holding up, how I was feeling, how my wife was doing and all of the little things that truly matter. Their professionalism and compassion is what I believe really puts this team in a category of their own.

    Amazing isn’t enough to describe my experience with the Goings team. Mr. Goings and Katie Gould were true professionals and answered any questions I had swiftly and with clarity. I would highly recommend this amazing team to any and everyone who is looking for a team to represent them.

    I was in rear ended while sitting at a stop light on the way to work. I suffered from severe back pain for months and months and underwent PT and diagnostic scans that racked up some hefty fees.Robert and Katie were awesome.

    I knew that I wasn’t looking for a huge payout, I just wanted to have my medical bills completely paid for and be compensated for lost time at work. He graciously took my case on and worked hard even though it wasn’t a career defining case. They did all of the filing with insurance companies and took care of all of my medical bills, guiding me through each step.
    Overwhelmed, as all of this happened right after I got engaged , I couldn’t get my invitations figured out, Katie and Robert even recommended a stationary company that I ended up using and made that part of my life easier too. Simply amazing.
    Talking to Robert is like talking to your favorite cousin you never get to see but you can start back right where you left off. He defies all attorney stereotypes and will truly dedicate his time and energy into each case. I loved working with them and will recommend them to everyone!

    The best attorney in the state. The standard by which all others are compared, or should be. After suffering from a serious accident, not knowing what I was facing in dealing with various insurance companies including workers compensation, I met Robert Goings for a consult. From that day forward, Robert and his entire staff have gone above and beyond to make me and my family feel like part of their family. I can call his office at any time, with any minor or major concern, and not only speak to his staff or Robert himself, but be reassured that he is on top of the situation at hand. I have never felt like a “number” like other law firms I’ve dealt with in the past. I could go on and on about how great Robert and his staff are, but will close by saying that Goings Law Firm, LLC knows the law and diligently advocates for his clients.

    The Goings Law firm is the best of the best! Mr. Goings and his learned, personable, and outstanding staff truly understand their clients. Mr. Goings is a brilliant, thorough, and talented leader in his field. Mr. Goings and his staff knew my current as well as my future needs with regards to settling my case. Without his caring and intuitive know-how, I would have never been able to navigate the complicated and extensive task of making myself complete after being injured in a collision. I was too scared to drive again after my car was hit and flipped. Mr. Goings saw what I needed most – legal expertise, closure on the matter, and the fortitude to get back in the car and continue to live my life unafraid of what I might encounter at the next stoplight. I will forever be grateful the Goings Law Firm’s hard work.
    I am proud to refer family and friends to the Goings Law Firm’s as I know they are in the most capable hands possible with them on their side.

    Katie and everyone at Goings Law Firm were amazing. They handle everything for me which allowed me to focus on finishing school. They were knowledgeable and were always available to answer my questions. Highly recommend!

    Over a year ago I was in a bad accident at work. Christian Boesl and his paralegal Catherine Ashbridge from Goings Law Firm worked my case and I could not have asked for more professional and caring people to represent me. From the beginning to the end, they made sure workmen’s comp did their part and that I was able to receive the medical treatment needed for my injury. I highly recommend Goings Law Firm.

    Robert is an excellent attorney!! I would trust him or anyone in his firm with any legal needs. He is diligent, intelligent, and one of the best attorneys I have ever worked with hands down. I would recommend him and his entire firm to anyone.

    This is an outstanding firm! My experience with Christian and Mallory was not only professional but personal. I wasn’t treated like just another client, I was treated like family. Christian and Mallory are a great team, they maintain excellent communication and will fight for you until the end. Words can’t express the gratitude of Goings Law Firm and what they did for me. These two don’t make a dent, they make a difference and I’m forever thankful.

    I went through an auto accident and it was a very straight forward situation with complex variables. I worked with Robert, Jess, and Katie and they were outstanding from start to finish. I had a million questions and they didn’t mind explaining every minor detail. What to expect and when to expect it. Even through Covid they did a great job and helped me out a ton. Very friendly staff and you’re not just another case for them. Very grateful for their hard work and dedication

    I have worked in the law profession for 28 years as a paralegal. Over the years I have assisted my attorneys with numerous personal injury cases. Because today’s society feels entitled to a “reward check” for being in an accident it has become increasingly difficult to recover large settlements. Robert made me feel like my case was his most important case. Even when he was out of town for depositions he would still take the time to return my call. He has even called me before and after normal business hours to update me with my case status. He always made himself accessible when I needed legal advice. Ultimately, he settled my case in an unbelievably short time with a large amount I never imagined possible. I know tons of attorneys from working in this profession and would only recommend Robert for handling another’s personal injury matter. He is truly skilled, down to earth and a joy to call my attorney!

    I could not appreciate Goings Law Firm more. I was hit by a drunk driver and needed help because the accident happened while I was in the process of moving. Not only did it occur in a state that was not my place of residence, but I also had to account for my car being full of personal possessions that were damaged in the process (not to mention my own injuries). Robert Goings and his staff were beyond helpful and supportive through everything. I had (luckily) never been involved in anything like that before, and they answered all of my questions with patience. They made sure I got the medical attention I needed, and dealt with everything in a timely manner. And this was all from several states away! I would gladly recommend their services to anyone.

    Robert has been the best attorney that handled my MVA! He’s very responsive and so is his paralegal Katie! They handled everything professionally as well. If you need an attorney to represent you I would 10/10 recommend Robert Goings!!

    Robert and his team are my go to law firm for referrals on personal injury and worker’s comp cases. They have always treated each and every one of my clients with respect and works hard to get them the absolute maximum value for their cases. Robert never sells them short and always fights to get them the compensation they deserve.

    Nothing but good positive words to say about Goings law firm. From the way they handle business to the great relationship we have developed. I have grown very close with Robert, Jess, Katie, and Leslie in a short time.i love you guys. Keep it up from your favorite football player 😊😊 5 stars to the 9th power

    Mr. Goings firm is by far the best legal team I have ever dealt with. Extremely knowledgeable in the insurance side of the house and If he did not know the answer he did absolutely everything necessary to find it. I will continue to use them for all future legal needs. Big thumbs up for a great working team. You won’t be disappointed.

    I had an awesome experience with Mr. Goings and highly recommend him as lawyer. He was very clear about my case and gave me follow-up reports in a timely manner. My results were better than I expected and I owe it to this awesome lawyer. THANK YOU! If I ever need a lawyer again, I am definitely calling Mr. Goings. My family and I thank you for all your help.

    I had a great experience with Robert at the Goings law firm. Not only did he get me a settlement much larger than I anticipated but he made the experience very smooth. He and his staff were very professional. I highly recommend this firm. They are AWESOME

    I Goings Law Firm to handle my personal injury case due to a car accident. From the initial consultation, it was evident that Robert had true empathy for our situation and was going to do everything in his power to help us. Throughout this difficult and emotional process, Robert kept us informed of what was happening and next steps at all times. I didn’t have experience with lawyers before and was amazed at how well he explained things in terms that I could understand. It was a difficult case and as the client, I didn’t have any stress about the handling of the case and was able to concentrate on healing–the way it should be! When unexpected bills came up, Robert was quick to take action and was able to negotiate the owed amounts! This was able to result in more money than we anticipated. Having such professional and tenacious representation has made my experience from this life changing incident so much better!

    Robert and his staff is amazing. They make you feel at ease when you bring your case to them. My former employer had treated me horrible after being injured at work and tried every dirty tactic in the book to not take care of my injury. Robert took on my case and we took it to court, not only was he a brilliant at calling them on all their below the belt tactics but paid attention to detail on their lies and call them on it. Needless to say we won my case. I’m telling anyone who has been hurt on the job and feel you have been treated unfairly go see Robert and his staff. Thanks Goings staff. I really mean it you guys . Top to bottom you guys were great. Again Thanks so much .

    Everyone at the firm was extremely kind and helpful to myself and my husband. They worked tirelessly to achieve our results. I highly recommend Robert and his staff

    This guy is AWESOME!!! He and his staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. My daughter had used him 3 years prior in and he really delivered a epic win in her accident case. His office is a beautiful restored home. He makes you feel like family.

    Lovely experience and took very good care of me ask for Robert if you can but if not everyone is highly qualified

    Robert Goings is an excellent civil attorney. He accepted my mom’s very difficult case and won a jury verdict in her favor! I would highly recommend Mr. Goings to anyone in need of a fiercely knowledgeable and compassionate civil attorney.

    Robert Goings is the best! He really cares about his clients best interests and takes the time to listen. If any type of issue ever arises where I need legal help Robert Goings is the first and only call I make.

    I highly recommend Robert Goings and his staff if you are in Columbia, South Carolina. I got hit by a drunk driver right outside his home and he came out his driveway late at night , introduced himself , and told me he could help me and my fiancee and believe it or not he has been a man of his words since. My injures affected my senior track season and he fought hard for me to get the money I deserved in less then a year thanks again Robert to you and your staff.

    Five stars is not enough. I can not say enough good things about Robert and his entire staff. He told me to trust him and I did. The outcome of my case was fantastic .He has become much more than my attorney. I consider him a true friend. Everyone there treated me with kindness and understanding. If you need an attorney he is the only one I would recommend.

    Robert and his staff were amazing! If you are looking for the best top notch lawyer you’ve got it! Look no further, Robert has went above and beyond my expectations with a car accident injury claim and have helped me in so many ways! They can answer and questions and guide you in the right direction. I highly recommend Robert and staff as they are very professional and treat you like family!!! Thank you all for everything you’ve done!

    Robert Goings was a joy to work with on my personal injury case. He was very professional and responded everytime I had a question or concern about the case. He also got me truckloads of money and then some!

    Christian was always there when I needed him in a very difficult time in my life. His patience and professionalism was superb. He listens .. really listens and values his clients. Treats them with the respect.
    Catherine always responded so nicely and such a kind lady. She was always on the ball when needing anything ..
    HIGHLY recommend .. thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts .

    Goings Law Firm is the best. Robert and his associates are friendly and quick to help when in a bad situation. Highly recommend using Goings Law firm.

    I thank ya’ll for everything ya’ll did for me. I really appreciate ya’ll for having patience with me and I recommend everyone to get Going Law Firm to represent you. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you!!

    If you are reading this, then you, without a doubt have landed at the right place! Whether your whole world has been cracked wide open by the loss of a loved one or you suffer a different hardship, Robert Goings and his team are fully equipped and gifted to fight your battle and win!

    Robert is perfectly suited for his career path. His all business, no nonsense approach to the facts of my case married with his genuine compassion for my suffering and loss made him the ideal and honorable representative with which to work.

    I believe there are no coincidences in life, God orchestrates our steps. I am forever thankful for my lessons learned, my friendship gained and my victory won!

    When my husband was in a painful physical state, Mr. Goings was able to help ease that pain by assisting us with his expertise. He made sure that we were taken care of from day one. We would recommend Goings Law Firm to anyone who wishes to have piece of mind knowing your case will be handled by the best!

    Robert is AWESOME! Words cannot express what I want to say about the Goings Law Firm. If you need a lawyer, look no further than here. I am a very very happy client, and I’m glad that Robert and his team fought hard for me.

    He was very consistent, and hands on with my case, he kept me updated, and worked based on my best interest. He wanted the best outcome for me and I can truly say he loves what he does and is great at it!!

    Amazing firm to work with! They were fair & honest! They work hard to get you what you deserve!

    When the going gets tough, the tough get Goings!
    I was badly injured in a jet ski accident almost 3 years ago. With the waiver I signed I did not believe I had a case at all. My boyfriend and I decided to do some research and contacted some lawyers. A few called back however, one seemed uninterested and the others were not very personable. When we talked to Robert and his staff they were very pleasant to deal with and sympathetic to what I was going through. He kept us up to date with everything happening and was able to get us to settle with out going to court and we were satisfied with the outcome. We are very grateful for everything he has done for us!

    Goings Law Firm was great. Robert and his staff really care. Never once felt unsatisfied or under appreciated. They got me the best settlement possible as soon as possible! Great job guys!

    Mr. Goings and his entire staff are rockstars!!!!!!! I was referred to him through a coworker and from start to finish he was amazing every step of the way. Even in a situation when I didn’t think I would receive a settlement he managed to work something out for me. I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful to him and his wonderful staff!!! I would recommend him over and over again!!!

    Mr. Christian & Ms. Mallory helped me out so much. I loved working with them. They became apart of my family they called and checked on me throughout the whole case. I would definitely utilize their services again if ever needed. So again thank you both so much I really appreciate everything that you’ve both done for me 💜💙

    I would like to take the time out to show my appreciation to Christian and Mallory. If there was any doubt in our minds they both always had answers
    to keep us in a safe place through all of the uncertainty times. We really love they way the made us feel like we are family in these trying times of this world that means so much to are family. God knows we didn’t have any idea that the things we were going to go through but with help of the best law firm in the world we made it. Love you Christian and Mallory.
    Forever the Baldwin

    I had a car accident that left me with permanent injuries. Mr. Robert Goings Esq. and Mrs. Jessica Goodings Esq. have been like Angels sent from heaven.
    They made me feel like I had someone to protect me, they gave me strenght and understood my pain. This Law FIrm team made the process easy. They treated me like family and made me feel like my case was the most important case they had in their hands! got the results I was looking for without dragging their feet. When the going gets tough..the tough gets Goings!!
    Thank you Robert, Jessica and Katie.

    Robert, Katie and staff were awesome! Everyone was always nice and down to earth. They make you feel like family. Robert fought and got us the max on our case. We are very blessed to have found him!

    These guys are great at what they do and don’t mind stepping up to the plate and going to bat for you. They stay on top of things and make sure you get everything you need and deserve. I’m highly satisfied with their service and would recommend them to anyone who may have been injured on the job and not sure of the next steps to take. When you’re scared and confused they’re there to help bring a sense of calm and help lead you in the right direction. Overall just a great group of people.

    I was referred to Mr. Goings law firm by a friend to handle a car accident my son and I were involved in. Mr. Goings and his staff made what I thought was a horrible nightmare of doctor bills and harassing insurance companies, that I had been trying to handle on my own for almost two and a half years, seem as easy as a day at the beach once he accepted my case. They took on the entire burden with research and getting my bills paid that I had been battling on my own and we ended up settling the case out of court. I would definitely use this firm again and highly recommend them to everyone. I cannot thank them enough!

    Christian and the ladies treated me with such care and respect with every visit, email and phone call. Christian worked hard in court and won against a top insurance group. Christian always had me confer with my wife to make the best choices for our family and each time we pushed he supported our cause and took all of our concerns to heart. Christian is excellent at personal injury and worker’s comp cases, I would highly recommend that you take your case to him. Thank you Christian! You have a friend in me for life for all the respect you showed me!

    I can’t say enough about Robert, Katie, and the entire Goings Law Firm team! From the very start, to the very end, they were by our side and worked SO hard for our family.

    I got rear ended when I was 8 months pregnant, with my 7 year old in the car, by a distracted driver. They took all of the stress of dealing with the hospital, billing companies, insurances companies..etc so we did not have to. They kept us informed every step of the way, which we truly appreciate. Seriously, the last thing anyone could ever want when having a new baby is dealing with extra stress! (THANK YOU!!!!!!!)

    I highly, HIGHLY recommend them!! They will make sure that you are taken care and will fight for you.

    Thank you all again so much.


    Loyal and respectful crew…. Christian and Mallory won’t stop fighting until they’ve won…. I highly recommend Going’s Law Firm to anyone for any case…..!!!!!!

    I was hesitant to pursue my case, after meeting with Christian and Mallory my hesitation was almost nonexistent. They made the entire process as stressless as possible. They were constantly keeping me updated on my case and they were happy to explain anything that I didn’t understand. It was a time consuming case, spending almost a year and half, but they were there with me through every step. One of the best aspects of working with these two, was the importance they placed on me and my case. I know both had other cases while also working on mine; however, I never felt forgotten or neglected as there was constant contact and concern for my wellbeing.

    I honestly don’t think I would have gotten the outcome I did if I hadn’t gone to Goings for help. Thank you Christian and Mallory for your hard work and dedication!

    Robert you and your staff have been absolutely AMAZING through out these past 2 years!!! You have helped Steve in so many ways words will never be enough to tell you how much I appreciate all that y’all have done.
    I will recommend you and your staff to anyone who is in need of a competent, caring attorney who takes pride in his work and goes above and beyond for his clients.

    I love the way I was giving an update on my case & whenever I called, I could always speak with someone & received all answers to my questions…

    Robert is one of the most kind and compassionate people I have ever had the privilege to know, as well as an incredible lawyer. He went above and beyond my expectations and was extremely helpful in getting me back on my feet! If you are in need of a lawyer, I would highly reccomend this law firm!
    Robert, thank you!

    It was an excellent experience having the Goings Law Firm handle the UM portion of my auto personal injury claim. They were professional, communicative, friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this firm.

    My husband was referred to this firm and it was a very pleasant experience. The whole staff made us feel welcome. Thanks to Christian, Robert, Jessica, and Mallory and anyone else I missed. You all were great and had wonderful hospitality! Will definitely use them again if ever needed.

    The Goings Law Firm is an accomplished and promising Firm, to say the least. From exceptional hospitality to honest and diligent employees, this establishment exudes pure class. I have been more than pleased with my experience in regards to Mr. Goings and his associates.

    The Goings Law Firm is an accomplished and promising Firm, to say the least. From exceptional hospitality to honest and diligent employees, this establishment exudes pure class. I have been more than pleased with my experience in regards to Mr. Goings and his associates.

    Christian and the workman’s compensation team were great they told me they were going to work hard to get me a little something they were very upfront and honest about everything. They explained everything and said they would fight for me and they did. Christian got me ten times the amount he said he might could get because my case was kind of a long shot. I would very much recommend this law firm to everyone.

    Christian Boesl and his Team, Catherine Ashbridge and Mary, were Very Personable and Attentive, to Helping Me on My case. Christian, Worked Very Diligently for almost Two Year’s, to ensure that I would come out More Victorious than I Anticipated.
    Christian, Individual Approach, Knowledge and Dedication to My Case, was Outstanding, and the Outcome was a Success!
    Christian Boesl, and his Team, will get You Beyond what You Expected, if not More!
    I am Truly Blessed and Honored to have Christian Boesl and his Team, to Represent Me, in My Personal Injury Case.
    Christian Boesl and his Team, Hands Down, are the Best Lawyers in South Carolina! God Bless and Thank You Again for All You have Done on My Behalf.

    Robert is an outstanding attorney. He is dedicated to his clients, and he represents each one with integrity and professionalism! I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.

    If anyone is looking for a lawyer to represent them with any case I definitely suggest Goings Law Firm. They handled my case in an timely manner and they were very knowledgeable. Goings Law Firm was fantastic and they did a great job.

    I was in a car accident and Mr. Goings and his wife happened to be a few cars back. He is just not attorney but a blessing! He and his wife stayed until the ambulance took me. He checked on me as a person not dollar signs. He worked so hard and got me everything he could! I recommend him a million times over!

    I highly recommend the Going’s law firm to anyone who has been involved in any type of accident. Christian and Mallory didn’t treat me like another client they treated me like family. Christian made sure I got the best treatment possible and always returned my emails and calls. I’m very pleased with the outcome with my case!

    I must say that I was overall VERY pleased with the services rendered by this amazing law firm. The staff were very professional and treated me very well. I didn’t have to worry about anything and they work hard behind the scenes to make sure you are well taken care of. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who is looking for someone to handle their personal law related needs.

    I’ve been working with the Goings Law Firm for two years, and I’ve never been more impressed and satisfied! Attorney Jess Gooding was WONDERFUL and she most definitely gets the job done. Thank you to the entire firm!

    I would like to express a very special thank you and appreciation to my Attorney Christian Boesl from the Law Firm – Goings Law Firm, LLC for my Worker Compensations case. Due to the competence and experience, everything was brought to a successful end after months.

    Many thanks

    Uwe Hammerath

    Robert and Katie were amazing! As a busy student they made sure to stay on top of my case and resolve it as quickly as possible. Waiting around for something to resolve is never easy but Robert and Katie made sure I was updated throughout the process. Willing to explain what was going on and and answer any questions I or my family had. Thank you both for all your hard work! Oh and Go Gamecocks!

    With this being my very first case and not knowing what was going on. Robert has been great and got me an awesome settlement. And he’s handling two of my cases for car accidents. One case is still pending, but on our first meeting he told me to be patient and think of it as money I do not have and that’s what I did. And so far I am pleased with the settlement on one of my car accidents and I know he will do the same for the other accident. Thank you Robert!


    Robert Goings and his team are very thorough and professional. Robert explained the entire process and kept us informed. I would recommend Robert to anyone and would definitely seek his services if ever needed in the future.

    During difficult and confusing times we need an ally to join us in our journey back to normalcy. Robert is that help we need to make it through to the best possible outcome. He calls you when he needs to, as well as answering your calls, then genuinely listens to what you have on your mind. Near the end of my case, Robert made one last call on my behalf and increased my award by thousands! Calling Robert will be your smartest move!

    I was hesitant to contact an attorney for my case! I didn’t want one of those guys on the phony commercials! Robert was the exact person I needed to help with my situation! Robert goes above and beyond for his clients! Not only did he successfully settle my case, but I feel like I’ve made a lifetime friend! Would highly suggest Robert to anyone needing this type of help!

    I highly recommend Goings Law Firm. I appreciate all the guidance and expertise I received from everyone at the firm, especially Robert. This was a long process but I felt I had the best team working on my behalf the whole time. Every question I had was answered and explained. Every phone call and email was answered immediately. Thank you for working hard to get the outcome I deserved.

    Robert is first and foremost a good man. He is also a fine lawyer. Robert puts clients first, treats them with respect, and is not afraid to take a case to trial if that is the only means by which justice can be achieved. I have nothing but good things to say about Robert. I respect him, and am honored to call myself his colleague

    Mr. Goings far exceeded any and all of my expectations I had for a lawyer. He went above and beyond to ensure that I received the best results possible for my case. With me being active duty military at the time of trail, he was very knowledgeable of the military and also working around my schedule.I think best of all is how knowledgeable he is on how my injury was going to effect my military service. If you’re in need of a personal injury lawyer this your guy!!!

    Christian B.and Cathrine are the best Lawyers I’ve ever had.😉😊.It was a long journey, but they did it. I would reccomend the Goings Law Firm to anyone thank you.

    My parents and I contacted Goings Law after I got hit by a drunk driver in May 2019. What I thought would be a long and strenuous process with little results, was actually the complete opposite. Mr. Goings was very understandable and helpful with my case.

    Chris and Robert did an excellent job on my case. I felt that I was in good hands the whole time; Goings Law Firm fought hard to get me what I deserved.

    Robert and Christian have treated me like family from day one. These guys understand how to take care of people. I never had a issue with anything. Quick, easy, and fair what else could you ask for. If you need anything call these guys. Thanks again for treating us like family and always being available when we needed anything.

    Robert, Jess and their staff went above and beyond to help me. From our initial meeting to finalizing paperwork, they were extremely personable, helpful and professional and were always easy to reach. I am extremely grateful to them!! I will be sure to recommend their firm if anyone I know needs their services.

    This firm with it’s fabulous knowledgeable lawyers is the best. They took care of me like family would have. I am going to miss them when it is all over. They look out for you not there selves. Betsy Fox

    Katie was very professional and caring. The Goings Law Firm, LLC make you feel like family. Thank you for all you did.

    Katie was very professional and caring. The Goings Law Firm, LLC make you feel like family. Thank you for all you did.

    Best business neighbor ever! Very nice. I called to ask if they could cut some tree limbs that hung over our office. Mr. Goings was so nice and professional as was his staff. He had someone cut the tree limbs by that afternoon. Such a nice person to deal with.

    Website shows they offer premises liability but they don’t.

    They called me and explained that they do offer was just new receptionist. Thank you for the info and explaining that I need Landlord/Tenant lawyer.

    I met with Chris Paschal at the Goings Law Firm. Chris is one cool attorney. I’m so glad that we hired the Goings Law Firm! Best team of lawyers around!

    The Going Law Firm was the best law firm, that I have had in a long time. Didn’t take me long for my settlement and they were there for me the whole time with like caring lawyers should. Thanks again Mr. Christian Basil for being there.

    Mr. Goings lawfirm is the best there is. He is very helpful and we are pleased with our results. Thanks to him we were able to solve our case. I will definitely recommend him to anyone who needs of his services.

    Very reputable law frim to work with if you have any accident cases. They work hard and get you the care and justice you deserve. Robert and his staff are always on task eith your cases and give you all the details of it. They breal everything down for you so there is no confusion of any kind. I 100% reccomend them to anyome dealing with any legal cases. They definitely can help you out!

    I would highly recommend the Goings Law Firm, LLC to anyone! They are very attentive, great communicators and most importantly they have integrity in fighting against injustice! They are to be compared to none! Im still in awe at my results!

    I highly recommend this firm! Robert is awesome and so is his staff. They worked tirelessly on my case, and it wasn’t an easy one. I’m very happy with the results they got me! Every one is super friendly and helpful. They’re great! 😃😃

    Robert and his staff are top notch! My case went through mediation and went to trial. Robert worked for years to get a fair amount for the accident I was in. His staff is friendly, and easy to work with as well.

    My experience with Mr. Goings and staff was very pleasant. Everyone was very personable and kept me informed during the entire process. I highly recommend him and his firm if you’re looking for what you deserve!

    The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. They were so compassionate and helpful in my case. I was so frustrated and they had a way of making me feel taken care of, like family and I really appreciate Christian and Mallory so much.

    Goings Law Firm gave me so much important information on my case and i didn’t have to worry about anything they are some good lawyers to have for any kinds of cases

    I was given the best referral ever by a friend. Goings Law firm and staff makes you feel like a friend from the minute you walk into the door. Thank you Robert and Katie for taking care of my legal needs.

    We love Robert Goings and Christian Boesl. They are awesome lawyers. Big time fighters in court!!! They changed our lives. Thank you Goings Law Firm!!!!

    Robert Goings and Christian Boesl, along with their staff, are Columbia’s best. They work hard for you. Highly recommend.

    Great law firm …I highly recommend them to anyone that has been injured and is in need of a great attorney… Christian was an outstanding attorney and went above and beyond all my expectations…we were able to settle out of court …. Mallory was one of the sweetest most kindest person I have ever encountered…she was great and didn’t just blow me off when I had questions or concerns…thanks to the Goings Law Firm for having my back…I highly recommend them if you’re ever in need of a lawyer…

    Very professional and consistent. They made sure I got all the help and demand I needed and didn’t stop until I was was better again. I suggest this amazing firm they sure did an upstanding job.

    The staff at this establishment was very attentive and kind. Robert is a very nice, responsive gentleman. I sincerely encourage you to seek this company out for any advice or representation. You will not be disappointed. Again thank you for your time and consideration.

    I am beyond pleased with this law firm! Every one is so kind and understanding. Mr. Goings is so helpful and will do everything in his power to help you! 10/10 recommend!

    I would like to give a huge thanks to Mallory Haber and Christian Boesl. They took care of me like I was family. They always kept me in the loop about my case. If I called they always returned my call. I just thank you for such great service. May God bless you abundantly!

    Very well organized, professional, and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

    I could not have asked for better attorneys or people to help me with my case don’t know where I’d be without them… always answered me when I have questions.. helpedme get through a lot… Christian and Catherine both were there to talk me through some tough times and help me out you cannot find better attorneys anywhere

    They will meet and exceed any expectations you have. They will defend you fiercely with skills and professionalism unmatched anywhere in The Midlands.

    Robert Going’s office was wonderful with are case. They we’re very thorough and extremely nice! Thank you!!!

    I was really going through a tough situation being injured on the job my job hassling me workers Comp not paying me and the bills were stacking up.Then a friend referred me to Goings law firm there I met Mallory and Christian they were pleasant and up front and I gotta tell they work fast to get you the settlement you deserve.So you got legal issues if I were I would call Goings law firm hopefully I won’t but if I do that’s who I’m calling.

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Robert on multiple cases. He represents his clients with the highest professionalism and tenacity. One of the best around!

    I wish I could give this law firm 10 stars 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 .. Christian B and Mallory treat you better than a client more like FAMILY!!. I stand on my word BEST LAW FIRM IN COLUMBIA SC! You won’t regret it trust me!….

    Have known all of these guys for 20 years. Great people, great firm. The know their stuff.

    Robert has been great to me. This was my first time hiring a lawyer and I could not have had a better experience. Thank you my man!!!

    Great Law firm!! Because of this firm’s expertise, I got the maximum amount allowed under the law. I want to say thank you to my friends at the Goings Law Firm! They are the best!

    Attorney was very involved and interested in the best outcome possible. Very knowledgeeable, professional, and calculated in their dealings. I highly recommend them for any legal needs!

    I can’t quite describe the appreciation I have for Robert and his staff. After a very lengthy process, to come out on top is a very well deserved feeling.
    Thank you for all the reassurance, for answering every question, and for helping me come out in a better place

    Goings Law Firm handled my case at 110%, and did far beyond what I expected or could have asked for. I recommend Robert to anyone with a personal injury, and would give him 6 stars if it were possible.

    After suffering a work injury, the Goings Law Firm turned a negative into a positive. I am so appreciative of the hard work that Christian and Mallory did on my behalf.

    Robert, Jess, and Christian are the best! They make you feel like family from the moment that you walk through their doors and everyone in the office is so friendly and helpful.

    It was a delight dealing with Mr. Goings and his staff. I was always fearful of using an attorney but they made the process painless. Would recommend them and use them again.

    Awesome law firm, Robert, Jessica and Katie would bend over backwards to help you out in your time of need. I would recommend them for any law needs that they practice! AMAZING FIRM.

    Mr Robert Goings was the best attorney and Katie was awesome!!! Thank you guys for getting me a great settlement! These are my peeps.

    Robert Goings represented my family with integarty …. He cares about his clients and his services were deeply appreciated!

    I want to thank Jessica and Katie for accepting my case and for the reduction of my bills..
    I thought I was going to walk away with nothing but these angels looked out for me..
    I would recommend anyone to seek help from Goings Law Firm for any vehicle or body incidents.,

    Mr Robert Goings and his staff was wonderful throughout our hold process keep me informed of everything that was going on throughout the process I would recommend Mr Goings Law Firm to anyone I just want to thank Mr Goings and his staff for everything.

    Absolute professionals. If you ever have an unfortunate event that requires representation I cannot speak highly enough of the Goings Law Firm.

    The staff is absolutely amazing! I heard about them through my brother who is also using them. Let’s just say… it gets no better than Goings Law Firm!

    The law firm super professional super friendly kept in contact with me during my whole case they did a wonderful job in helping me getting the settlement I deserve

    The best law firm that I’ve ever worked with! They made it happen!!!!

    Christian E. Boesl helped me get the money I deserve. I’m so glad I decided to use him as my attorney. They are the best.

    Goings Law Firm is excellent. Robert can resolve any of your problems. He is honest too!!!

    They kept me in the loop during this whole process.They actually spoke to me as if I were a friend instead of another client.I would recommend this law firm to anyone I come in contact with that needs legal action or advice.#good people

    Amazing to work with!! Usually dealing with this type of situation is never easy, but we had nothing but a great experience. Thorough throughout the whole process and super nice!!

    He is awesome he’s fast and professional and gets you what you want I’m glad I have him on my team

    Professional help in a timely manner, glad I hired them to take my case . Settled my case in a couple of months that’s been dragging out for years . Thanks going’s law .

    Robert Goings is amazing and he got me money I never thought u could get. EASILY THE BEST LAWYER IN COLUMBIA!!!!

    Robert Goings is amazing and he got me money I never thought u could get. EASILY THE BEST LAWYER IN COLUMBIA!!!!

    Katie and Robert are amazing individuals that genuinely care about the people that walk into Goings Law Firm.

    I feel Christian Bosel was very concerned on our behalf in his representation of our case, we appreciate all his efforts to get us truly what the case was actually worth.


    Robert Goings is the man to call to get BIG MONEY!! Best lawyer in South Carolina!! Big Money Bobby!!! 💵💵💵

    The staff is great and very attentive. Christian and Mallory really did a great JOB IM VERY PLEASED THANK YOU ALL.

    Robert is an excellent lawyer and peerless advocate. He works tirelessly on behalf of his clients.

    The Goings Law Firm is a outstanding Law Firm I would recommend them to anyone who needs help.


    The people here work hard for their clients. They always contact you in a timely manner. Couldn’t ask for a better group of people..

    Out of all the legal people we’ve dealt with, he’s been by far the best in every way, shape, form, and fashion.

    Christian and Mallory helped me every step of the way to ensure that I got the help I needed and the payment I deserve…

    Great people, very professional kind and polite always be there at any time any day and easy to communicate with them.I have a great experience very professional all the personal.

    Robert Goings is just the best!! I highly recommend this law firm!

    Mr. Goings and his entire lawfirm is the best at getting the job done. I thank y’all so much.

    Awesome group of people you will ever meet … I will recommend Katie and Robert to everyone

    Very professional and provides exceptional service to their clients. I would definitely recommend

    Mr Robert Goings is a super nice guy

    Robert Boings is a great attorney!

    They are some wonderful people to go to and I love how everyone treats you there.

    By far this is the premier law firm in Columbia, they are a team under Robert and they are on top of things…

    Great representation. They truly work for their clients’ best interest.

    They Are Good!!!
    They get it done
    They Communicate with you

    Best law firm ever really nice and fair attorney’s

    great help! great team! highly recommend Rob and his group.

    South Carolina’s law firm for Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, and Workers’ Compensation.

    Robert and his staff epitomize professionalism and class.

    Amazing people and the best work on their clients . Thank you for everything ❤️

    Great ppl Fast Quick and will really take care of you thanks for everything ‼️

    Awesome group of people who really want to help. They go the extra mile for you

    Leslie is wonderful!!! I love these people!

    Great experience!! The are very professional. I high recommend them!

    Jessica is an OUTSTANDING attorney!

    Best lawyer in the State for injurys

    Website was easy to manuever. I was looking for an Attorney

    Helped me focus on recovery every step of the way.

    If I could give Robert 10 stars, I would.

    Robert@cristian an outstanding legal team

    Excellent service!

    Excellent for Personal Injury and Workers Compensation!!!!!

    Highly recommended Goings law Firm

    Robert goings makes it happen!

    Great law firm

    Robert is truly the whole package! He treats you like family. You aren’t just a dollar sign to him. Throughout my case he regularly checked on me and my family. He is on top of his game and knows exactly what he is doing. He will get you the results you are looking for. Not only is Robert spectacular, but each person I encountered at his office is truly a breath of fresh air. They are all kind and patient. If you are looking for a lawyer, he is THE ONE! Make sure you ask him about his hot sauce!

    I couldn’t be happier with my experience here. My case was kind of a small one because I wasn’t injured very badly in my car wreck, but I still missed a lot of work. I was afraid that my case wouldn’t be very high priority for them, because nobody was going to get rich, but they put the exact same amount of time and effort into my case as they would a big jackpot case.

    In every aspect, they went above and beyond. That includes advisement, availability, and refusal to settle for the peanuts that my insurance company was offering me.

    Now my life is changing forever, because I’m using the settlement to go back to school. Soon I’ll be going from impoverished Door Dasher to software engineer.

    Robert helped my family and I tremendously after an extremely traumatic time in our lives. He did so professionally and compassionately. I would recommend he and the Goings Law Firm to anyone in need of serious legal representation.

    I would highly recommend Chris Paschal, and Goings Law Firm. Chris showed compassion, and you can really see that he cares about his clients. He stayed in constant communication with me and guided me throughout the entire process. Thank you so much for all of your help!!

    I would highly recommend Chris Paschal, and Goings Law Firm. Chris showed compassion, and you can really see that he cares about his clients. He stayed in constant communication with me and guided me throughout the entire process. Thank you so much for all of your help!!

    It was a pleasure working with the Going‘s law firm. They made me feel at ease through the whole process. Which helped me with recovery? Yes, I will recommend him in his law firm.

    I had the opportunity to work with a group of exceptional legal professionals who assisted me with a settlement case. Their level of professionalism and expertise was apparent from the very beginning, and I felt confident that I was in capable hands.
    Their deep knowledge of the law was impressive, and they conducted a thorough analysis of my case, leaving no stone unturned. They were meticulous in their attention to detail, and they kept me updated on the progress of the case every step of the way.
    I was particularly impressed with their diplomatic approach to negotiations. They were able to handle even the most delicate situations with sensitivity and tact, which helped to maintain a positive relationship with the other party involved in the settlement.
    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by this group of legal professionals. They demonstrated exceptional communication skills and were able to effectively represent my needs and concerns throughout the settlement process. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of legal assistance. Thank you for your outstanding service!

    Experienced caring and diligent professionals that fight to defend your rights to a fair compensation. Looking forward to years of service.
    Profesionales de experiencia, amables y diligentes que defienden con tenacidad su derecho a recibir una compensación justa. Hablan Español.

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