Richland County jury rules in favor of Florida couple

A Richland County jury recently awarded a Florida couple $600,000 regarding a 2010 car accident. Attorney Robert Goings represented the Florida couple.

On August 2, 2010 Leonard Carey and Carol Bennett’s vehicle was at a full stop at the intersection of Interstate 77 and Two Notch Road when a van from Dyer Inc. rear-ended them. At the time of the accident, it is estimated that the van was traveling at about 15 mph.

Though the damage to Carey and Bennett’s vehicle was not extensive, both victims sustained neck injuries. To deal with their physical condition in the aftermath of the accident, Carey and Bennett underwent chiropractic therapy, physical rehabilitation, and injections to manage pain. The jury ruled in favor of Bennett and Carey in hopes that the monetary reparations would offset their past and future medical bills.

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