Defective Food Products

Defective food products can cause serious illness and even death. Product liability laws in most states intend to protect consumers from illnesses, but laws are unfortunately imperfect and are not always able to do so. The House of Representatives passed the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009, which gives the FDA the power to regulate the food supply. Since regulations keep getting stricter, negligent manufacturing or proof of contamination is important evidence for a claim.

Under the Food Safety Modernization Act, compensation could cover the following if you win your lawsuit:

  • Large medical bills and out of pocket expenses
  • Missed work or loss of income
  • Funeral costs
  • Loss of a parent, spouse, child, or financial supporter
  • Costs of rehabilitation


Defective food products are not strictly limited to recalled foods. Here are some other reasons a company could be responsible for your illness:

  1. Poor sanitation: Unhygienic sanitation habits can cause food to be contaminated.
  2. Allergies: If a food label leaves out ingredients or other foods that the item may touch or contact, the product could cause an unexpected allergic reaction.
  3. Chemical contamination and false advertising are two other common reasons for food poisoning suits.

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