South Carolina Motorcycle Accidents: Injury and Fatality Statistics

By: Robert F. Goings

According to a study by AAA in August 2013, the most dangerous county in South Carolina for most motorcycle collisions and most injurious motorcycle crashes was Horry County.  Myrtle Beach is located in Horry County, which hosts several biker weeks.  Horry County ranked second in both categories in 2011 and third in 2010.

After Horry, other South Carolina counties ranked as the best chance of being in a motorcycle collision were Marlboro, Greenville, Oconee and Pickens counties. Those ranked as the best chance of being in an accident that caused injuries after Horry were Marlboro, Pickens, Greenville and Greenwood.

For fatal motorcycle crashes, Oconee, Williamsburg, Clarendon, Lancaster and Edgefield ranked in the top five.  All were new for 2012 except Lancaster, which ranked as number two for fatal motorcycle crashes in 2011.  These five counties accounted for 13% of fatal motorcycle crashes in South Carolina, while only carrying 5% of the total vehicle miles traveled.  Overall, fatal motorcycle crashes in South Carolina increased 3% from 104 in 2011 to 107 in 2012, accounting for 13% of all fatal traffic crashes.

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