Goings secures another big verdict trial win in Columbia

Columbia lawyer Robert Goings has secured another huge award for a client after his client did not accept a lowball settlement offer from the auto insurance company. His client, James Smith, a 28-year-old military veteran, sustained injuries in a three-vehicle crash. He sued GEICO after these injuries led to his medical discharge from the Army.

GEICO offered to settle with Smith for $100,000 only days before the trial, but Goings knew this was nowhere near what his client deserved for his lost wages, damages from pain and suffering, and future medical expenses. After tearing down the typical insurance company defense GEICO presented, Goings secured a remarkable $897,500 verdict, with $538,500 awarded for punitive damages and $359,000 for actual damages.

Goings is known for using creative tactics to convince juries where the responsibility falls in negligence cases. In fact, a few months ago in another trial, Goings dropped a bucket with an egg in it in front of the jury to prove his client could still sustain serious injuries although his car was hardly damaged. This case ultimately resulted in a $600,000 verdict awarded to Going’s client, after he had initially turned down the defense’s offered settlement of $1,000.

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