Filing a Product Liability Claim for Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is a fairly common occurrence. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in every 6 Americans experience an adverse reaction from a toxic food product or container each year. Although many of these cases are not severe enough to warrant a hospital visit, in some instances they may result in serious illness and even wrongful death.

If you or someone you love has suffered from contaminated food, food-borne illness, or mislabeled food, you may be eligible for compensation for your illness and related expenses. A product liability attorney in Columbia can help you file and pursue a product liability claim.

Food Poisoning and Product Liability

In a product liability case for food poisoning, you will likely have to prove the following:

  • You were injured or suffered other losses
  • The food you ate, or the container you ate from, was the source of your illness
  • You were using the product as intended

Product liability cases can be difficult to navigate, and for this reason, it is advisable to seek professional legal assistance. A food poisoning attorney in Columbia can help you file and pursue a claim to earn you rightful compensation for your suffering and medical expenses.

Contact a Columbia Food Poisoning Attorney for Help

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