Columbia Construction Injuries Attorneys

The construction industry can place both workers and anyone who passes by construction sites at risk of suffering serious injuries or harm. The nature of construction sites means that people are often in close proximity to large, dangerous equipment, hazardous substances, and unstable sites, which can cause life-altering physical harm or even death when proper precautions are not taken.  Whether the injury was caused by someone’s negligence or while you were on the job at a construction site, the law may provide you and your family compensation for your injuries.

Fortunately, the victims of a construction accident are often entitled to seek compensation for their losses through legal action.   It is important to consult with an experienced Columbia Construction Injury Attorney because you may have rights against your employer, the general contractor, or the owner of the property.  You may be able to assert a claim against a third-party or your employer through workers compensation.  We know at the Goings Law Firm, LLC, that many people in Columbia and throughout South Carolina suffer from debilitating injuries and losses as a result of construction accidents, we understand just how critical this compensation can be to putting your life back together.

Construction Injuries and Accidents

Construction injuries can happen as the result of a variety of different circumstances, with consequences that can vary from relatively minor to life-altering.  However, construction injuries tend to be most commonly the result of the following:

In many circumstances, an injured worker or person on a construction site may be entitled to compensation for the injuries that have occurred.

Talk to a Construction Injury Lawyer in Columbia

If you have been injured in a construction accident, whether as a worker or a passerby, it may be possible to recover compensation to help you deal with the consequences. Our lawyers at the Goings Law Firm, LLC, believe in fighting for the justice that victims of those injured on construction or job sites demand. Call us today at (803) 350-9230 to speak with a qualified legal professional about your case and learn more about your rights and options under the law.

Construction Injuries FAQs

Can someone other than my employer be found liable for my construction accident?

Employers are almost always liable for injuries that happen to their workers on the job. However, there are other parties that may be partially responsible for an injury suffered during a construction accident. For example, a property owner might be held liable if something unsafe around the premises contributed to the accident. Manufacturers of any defective equipment or tools that caused injury could also be accountable. Additionally, some subcontractors or other employees might share responsibility for an injury. It can be difficult for an average person to determine which parties are technically at fault for a construction accident. If you suspect that your injury was caused by another party, you should contact an experienced construction injuries lawyer to help you review the situation.

What kind of compensation can I expect to collect from injury claim?

The compensation that you can expect from your injury claim depends considerably on the specific circumstances of your accident, the extent of your injury, and the party that is held liable. You can, however, be rewarded for a wide variety of costs related to your injury. You can get financial compensation for your medical debts and future hospital visits. You could also be rewarded monetary recompense to make up for lost work wages. Additionally, you might be able to claim damages for pain and suffering, along with other various injury-related expenses. Many people make the mistake of assuming a personal injury case will cost them too much time and money. Those individuals often miss out on collecting substantial financial compensation.

I am not an employee, but was injured on a construction site. Who is liable for my injuries?

That depends on the specific circumstances of your injury. If you were a bystander who was hurt in a construction accident, the party liable for your injury may be the owner of the construction company. Property owners, subcontractors, and certain employees may additionally be legally responsible for your injuries. Liability can often be complicated in injury cases, and a qualified attorney can help you appropriately determine exactly who is liable for your injury and to what extent. An experienced construction injuries lawyer can also help you decide your next course of action when pursuing compensation against liable parties.