Understanding Product Liability

Product liability laws exist to help protect consumers from the dangers that defective or poorly-designed products can pose to their health and safety. While most products undergo extensive testing before being released to the market in order to ensure that their use does not pose unnecessary risks to the public, the reality is that every year, far too many dangerous products make it into American households.

Because of the serious injuries and illnesses that consumers may suffer as a result of dangerous or defective products, product liability laws are an important safeguard to ensure that injury victims in these circumstances are not forced to cope with the resulting costs of their injury on their own. However, product liability claims can arise in a variety of different circumstances, and the amount of compensation to which consumers may be entitled as a result can vary substantially. Therefore, it’s important to understand the different categories of product liability.

General Categories of Product Liability

In most instances, product liability claims can be broken down into three broad categories, which can be described as follows:

  • Design defects – these types of claims involve problems with the design of the product itself, meaning that every version of that product is inherently defective or dangerous.
  • Manufacturing defects – these types of claims involve problems in the production of a product, and can be limited to a single version of the product or be much more widespread.
  • Marketing defects – these types of claims involve problems with the marketing and labeling of a product, which may either falsely promote uses for which a product is not safe or fail to warn consumers of known risks associated with a product.

Most product liability claims can be grouped into these general categories.

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