Do you have a Shoulder Injury from a Work Related Accident?

Video Transcript

Do you have a shoulder injury? As a workers’ compensation attorney, I practice exclusively in this area and one of the most common injuries I see are injuries in dealing with the shoulder. But shoulder injuries are unique and very complex. Often the pain from the shoulder may radiate down in the arm and the hand, and it may radiate into the neck. Unfortunately, when you get injuries sometimes the doctor just wants to say it’s the shoulder when in fact you have other injuries, to the neck or the hand. At the Goings Law Firm, I know the physicians that can provide you accurate medical treatment to assess these needs. We fight with insurance companies who may not have to provide you with a second opinion or may not provide you surgical treatment. My name is Christian Boesl, I’d be happy to help you through this area of the law to make sure you get the treatment you need so that you can get back with your life and you can provide for your family. Goings Law Firm, trial attorneys, catastrophic injury, wrongful death, workers compensation, free consultation, 803-350-9230