Client Testimonial Review for Serious Personal Injury from Car Collision in Columbia | Pamela Pierce

Video Transcript

I know tons of attorneys because I am a paralegal and a personal friend of mine who is a paralegal referred me for a very catastrophic accident I had. I was very close to the beach, probably about 40 mins out, and a car ran across the median. I was unable to avoid the collision, and instead of it being a head-on collision, which it should have been, because I saw him and I was driving off the road, he t-boned me instead. I did personal injury. I wanted to make sure I had the best, and that’s why I went to my friend. He said, “Don’t trust anybody else with your case, Robert is the best.” Robert is very involved with every single step of my case. If I needed to know something, like did the medical record come in yet, he knew everything. Robert made me feel like my case was the only case he had. It was such an inequity to have to go through something like this, so for Goings Law Firm to care about me personally meant so much. Anybody who needs an attorney for personal injury, workers comp, unfortunately, wrongful death, I would most definitely, hands down, because I have the personal experience, recommend Robert and his staff. Call Goings Law Firm, LLC, (803) 350-9230, serious personal injury, wrongful death, and workers compensation. Real Lawyers, Real Results.