Car Accident victim explains why he recommends Goings Law Firm | Charles Hall

Video Transcript

Charles Hall, Goings Law Firm Client. My attorney is Robert Goings. After I met him and sat down and had a conversation with him, it was just something about him. He is just a people person, he is easy to get along with, and easy to talk to— you can tell that he has your best interests at heart. Charles is the kind of client we all hope to have in the practice of law. He is sincere, honest, and representing people like Charles helps you get up the next morning and do it again for somebody else. So Charles was struck on the road as he was driving, and the insurance company acted like he wasn’t injured. We have accident reconstructions, we have bio mechanical engineers, we have a team of experts and professionals that help us put our client’s case in the best posture possible. We want to make sure we have evidence that is established by law in order to fully ensure that our clients get the compensation that they deserve. Robert and the Goings Law Firm won my case. I have referred a lot of my family members and friends to the Goings Law Firm and they came back with the same impression that I had. Mr. Hall, you are a prince of a man. It has been a privilege and honor to represent you. My pleasure to.

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