What do clients say about the Goings Law Firm, LLC? Listen to Calvin Jeffcoat’s story.

Video Transcript

Calvin Jeffcoat, Canine Officer: I’ve been in law enforcement for 34-35 years and in my last 18 years I was a canine officer. It was my life, I mean, you are in it because it’s what you enjoy doing and it was just a passion. We had given a demo and when I reached behind my back and my right shoulder just kinda buckled and hurt. I could tell something, it was more serious you can tell by the pain and it was pretty serious. I had gotten an MRI and I was trying to get a Cat Scan and I called the doctor’s office and they said they we could not get workman’s comp to call us back. We realized pretty quick right after that because it was their doctor that we needed to find us an attorney. For me it was a lot of emotional support. You did not feel like you were in the fight alone anymore. You had an advocate to go and fight for you. Christian and Robert knew what to say and what to do, and what steps to take— those are things we did not know on our own. Christian Boesl just did a phenomenal job as far as taking this thing and running with it, and really holding the insurance company accountable. Robert is just a class act. When you met Robert it’s just like one of your buddies you went to high school with. He is just family. He really cares. That meant so much to me. I did not want a fly-by-night ambulance chasing lawyer. I wanted a class guy a man with integrity and character. I found that in Robert. Look up Goings Law Firm and make a beeline to them.