Columbia Hospital Negligence Attorneys

When patients check-in at a hospital, they trust they’ll receive exceptional care and treatment throughout their stay. Medical professionals in Columbia have a standard of care they must uphold that delegates what adequate treatment looks like. When any member of the hospital staff fails to uphold this standard of care, they may be liable for hospital negligence. Hospital negligence can lead to very serious consequences and may completely jeopardize a patient’s well-being and worsen their prognosis.

In a field like medicine, there is simply no room for careless mistakes. One mistake can cause a patient irreparable harm. The dedicated Columbia hospital negligence attorneys with the Goings Law Firm, LLC are committing to holding negligent hospital professionals responsible for any damages they cause. Our Columbia legal team has the resources and experience to help you file a medical malpractice claim, so you can pursue the financial compensation you need to move forward.

Types of Hospital Negligence

Hospital negligence can lead to a wide variety of negative consequences in Columbia. The following types of hospital negligence are particularly harmful:

  • Inadequate staffing
  • Insufficient supervision
  • Failure to diagnosis
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Anesthesia error
  • Improper medicine administration
  • Failure to perform correct procedure
  • Poor diagnostic test interpretation

Our Columbia hospital negligence attorneys are prepared to handle any personal injury cases involving medical malpractice. Negligent behavior can often result in wrongful death or life-changing health complications, and we may help you hold irresponsible health care professionals accountable for hospital negligence.

Contact a Columbia Hospital Negligence Attorney for Help

If you have been a victim of hospital negligence in Columbia, you should not be liable for someone else’s mistake. A hospital is meant to treat your health problems, not create new ones. Contact the Goings Law Firm, LLC at (803) 350-9230 today to begin speaking with a Columbia hospital negligence attorney.