Columbia Crane Collapse Injury Lawyers

Cranes are an important type of mechanical equipment used during construction. Their ability to lift heavy objects, especially to great heights, makes them extremely useful and beneficial. Unfortunately, due to mechanical issues and negligence, crane operation can be unsafe, leading to deaths and injuries. Crane collapses can leave victims severely hurt, or result in the loss of a loved one.

While the devastation of a crane collapse has lasting effects on a person’s life, an experienced Columbia crane collapse injury attorney may be able to help victims recover their financial losses. The legal team at the Goings Law Firm, LLC, understands how lost wages and medical bills can cause even more grief to a suffering victim, and are prepared to help clients fight for the compensation needed for a full recovery.

Causes of Crane Collapse

When properly built, maintained, and operated legally in a construction zone, cranes are safe and helpful to worksites. Unfortunately, there are some common factors that can lead to crane collapse or other injuries caused by the operation of cranes, including the following:

  • Malfunction – Cranes should be inspected and any required maintenance should be performed prior to operation. Faulty parts or other manufacturing issues can cause malfunctions.
  • Negligence – Negligent crane operation includes anything known to be dangerous, including drug or alcohol consumption before or during operation.
  • Inexperience of an operator – A lack of training or supervision can lead to costly or fatal mistakes.

Crane collapses caused by negligence are often completely preventable. This is part of what makes them so painful to their victims.

Types of Crane Collapse Injuries

Crane collapse is known to cause serious injury, as are other types of crane accidents. Some of the most common types of crane injuries include:

  •  Dropped items – Heavy items dropped from cranes can cause severe injuries or death.
  •  Unbalanced crane – When cranes are not properly mounted, they may become unbalanced. This can also  happen when too much weight has been assigned to a crane. The crane may then collapse or fall over, injuring  the operator and people below.
  •  Crane hook – Crane hooks may not be fastened correctly, causing the crane to lose an object or swing into  something, causing objects to fall on workers or pedestrians below.

Should one of the above types of issues injure you or a loved one, contacting an attorney may give you a better chance at receiving compensation for the medical bills you will surely accrue during your recovery.

Contact a Crane Collapse Injury Lawyer in Columbia

Crane collapse and other crane-related accidents are serious, as they are known to cause severe injuries and claim lives each year. At the Goings Law Firm, LLC, our experienced legal team has recovered millions of dollars for the victims of personal injuries, and believes crane injuries are preventable with proper care and operation. To speak with a Columbia crane collapse injury lawyer, call our law offices today at (803) 350-9230.