Orangeburg County Car Accident Lawyer

As heavily traveled as the I-26 and I-95 corridors can be, many car accidents can be avoided by simply obeying traffic laws and exercising good judgment. Sadly, negligent and reckless drivers are as likely to cause serious accidents on the freeway as they are anywhere else in Orangeburg County. If you or someone you love was hurt in a car accident anywhere in the county, it will be in your best interests to reach out to an attorney immediately. Aside from holding the responsible party accountable for their wrongdoing, you may be able to recover compensation to offset the costs associated with all of your pain and suffering.

Car Accident Cases We Handle

The kinds of negligence and recklessness that are often the root cause of car accidents are almost always inexcusable. Despite all of the efforts that Orangeburg County law enforcement make to keep dangerous drivers off the road, and the efforts that are made to keep roads well maintained, serious accidents continue to seriously affect the lives of people who live in and pass through our county.

That being said, at the Goings Law Firm, LLC, we are prepared to help accident victims with claims associated with any of the following:

  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Rollover Accidents
  • Auto Defects
  • Speeding Accidents
  • Reckless Driving Accidents
  • Road Defects
  • Drunk Driving Accidents
  • Insurance Claims
  • Distracted Driving
  • Failure to Observe Traffic Laws
  • Running Stop Signs / Stop Lights
  • Driving too Fast for Conditions
  • Rear End Collisions

After everything that car accident victims have to suffer through, there is no reason they should also have to worry about how they will pay for their recovery. Bearing that in mind, our firm has all of the experience and resources you will need to pursue compensation for the injuries you or a loved one sustained in an accident.

Claiming Compensation for Your Pain and Suffering

Aside from all of the physical and emotional pain that you will need to work through, the cost of your recovery itself may come to impose significant financial burdens on you during what is already a difficult time. It is with that in mind that our lawyers can help you pursue all of the compensation you will need to offset the costs that have already and may continue to be associated with your injury, including but not limited to:

  • Your medical and rehabilitative care
  • The income you lose during your recovery
  • Any long-term effects of accident

At the Goings Law Firm, LLC, we believe that car accident victims should not be forced to shoulder the financial burdens of an accident caused by another party’s recklessness or negligence, and we are here to help you fight for justice.

Consult with a Car Accident Attorney in Orangeburg County

If you or someone you love was hurt in a car accident anywhere in or near Orangeburg County, you should reach out to a personal injury lawyer who can help you understand what legal action you may now be eligible to pursue against the responsible party. To talk with an experienced attorney from the Goings Law Firm, LLC, about your situation and what you should do next, please call our offices at (803) 350-9230 today.