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Neck injuries are some of the most common and most debilitating workplace injuries across a variety of jobs and career fields. These types of accidents and injuries can occur in an instant, often without any prior warning signs or pre-existing conditions. In fact, some workplace neck injuries may appear minor at the time of the accident—especially if severe symptoms do not immediately manifest—but can get worse as time goes on, causing serious pain or discomfort that may prevent you from returning to work. For those worried about how they’ll be able to continue earning a living or pay for treatment, the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act guarantees coverage to workers whose injuries occurred on the job and as the direct result of a work-related accident. Unfortunately, filing a claim and receiving compensation can sometimes be a lengthy and challenging ordeal, especially when dealing with insurance companies.

Because the burden of proof falls on the injured employee, who must make the case that the injury occurred on the job but also as a direct result of a workplace accident, some employers and their insurance companies will do everything possible to fight or discredit the claim in order to avoid paying out large sums of money for treatment and lost wages. That’s why it’s imperative that you have a skilled and committed workers’ compensation lawyer by your side every step of the way. Whether you’ve suffered a cervical disc disruption, whiplash, or herniation, neck injuries can cause chronic pain that may drastically alter your life. You need financial compensation to pay for medical treatment and other expenses incurred during your recovery, so you can ultimately get back to work and move on with your life.

At Goings Law Firm, LLC, it’s our obligation to fight for the rights of injured workers across the state of South Carolina. We know that many employers and insurance companies will do everything possible to delay, discredit, or even deny your workers’ compensation claim, leaving you responsible for paying potentially thousands of dollars in bills. We’ve worked on countless workers’ compensation cases and know the primary reasons that claims are denied. The Columbia neck injury attorneys from Goings Law Firm, LLC will help you get the proper medical treatment you need and file your claim so you can focus on what truly matters: your recovery. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today by calling (803) 350-9230 and speak to a legal representative.

Why Do I Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Although workers’ compensation was intended to provide a safety net from financial ruin for injured workers, it has unfortunately become a complicated system gamed by employers and insurance companies to avoid paying out money. Even if your case seems straightforward and you have a good relationship with your employer, all of that can change the moment you file a workers’ compensation claim. A skillful and experienced workers’ compensation attorney will ensure not only that all paperwork is filled out and filed on time, but will also work tirelessly to gather evidence and witness statements to strengthen your case, and negotiate with insurance companies to secure the full amount of compensation you require to pay for medical treatment. Insurance companies have large teams of talented attorneys who handle these cases every day. Taking them on by yourself can be detrimental to your case and may result in receiving limited or zero compensation.

Why Choose Us?

At Goings Law Firm, LLC, we’ve seen it all when it comes to workers’ compensation cases, from employers denying claims outright to paying small amounts that barely cover a single bill, and even retaliating against employees for filing a claim in the first place. We know the best course of action to avoid these outcomes because we have decades of experience. Getting the financial compensation necessary to pay your medical bills and other expenses may be the only way you will be able to recover from your injury so that you can get back to work and continue earning a living for your family. Your workers’ compensation claim is the most important thing in your life right now, and therefore, it’s the most important thing in our lives, too.

Our South Carolina neck injury lawyers will do everything in our power to represent you during this trying time, from filing your paperwork on time to taking the insurance company to court. Our team of partners, lawyers, and paralegals have virtually unlimited resources to gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and reconstruct your accident to prove your injury was a direct result of a workplace incident. Our numerous awards, including a perfect 10 rating on Avvo, is a testament to our success on behalf of our clients. We have won millions for our past clients, and are ready to do the same for you.

Types of Neck Injuries

Beginning at the skull and running the length of your back all the way to the tailbone, the spine is not only one of the most important parts of the human body, but it’s also one of the most vulnerable to injury. Made up of a series of vertebrae, ligaments, and muscles, the cervical spine supports the skull and also gives you the ability to move your head and neck forward, backward, and side to side. The neck and spine are an amazing part of the human body, but they’re also susceptible to injury from extended use as well as a single, violent accident.

Some of the most common types of neck injuries at the workplace include:

  • Whiplash – Also called a neck sprain, this injury is a common result of a car accident. Victims may experience neck pain, headaches or dizziness, stiffness, and immobility.
  • Strain from repetitive action – These injuries happen over an extended period of time. Like carpal tunnel in the hands and wrists, strains can occur from poor posture or having to sustain awkward positioning for long periods of time on the job or at a desk.
  • Herniated/Bulging Discs – This injury occurs when a disc swells or ruptures between vertebrae, often caused by lifting heavy objects while at work.
  • Fracture – The vertebrae can be fractured due to a fall or a serious blow to the neck, potentially causing paralysis.

If you’ve suffered any of the above injuries while at work and because of a workplace incident, you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Contact an attorney as soon as possible to get started on your case.

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If you have suffered a neck injury in a workplace accident, you need to take immediate action to ensure you get the financial compensation necessary for your recovery. To learn more about how the Columbia workers’ compensation attorneys from Goings Law Firm, LLC can help you, contact us today by calling (803) 350-9230 to schedule a free consultation and take the first step in getting back to work and on with your life.

Last Updated : April 28, 2023
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It was a pleasure working with the Going‘s law firm. They made me feel at ease through the whole process. Which helped me with recovery? Yes, I will recommend him in his law firm.

I would highly recommend Chris Paschal, and Goings Law Firm. Chris showed compassion, and you can really see that he cares about his clients. He stayed in constant communication with me and guided me throughout the entire process. Thank you so much for all of your help!!

I would highly recommend Chris Paschal, and Goings Law Firm. Chris showed compassion, and you can really see that he cares about his clients. He stayed in constant communication with me and guided me throughout the entire process. Thank you so much for all of your help!!

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