What To Do After A Dog Bite

Dogs are among the most beloved pets in the United States. Rarely do we think of our pets as dangerous animals that may harm you. However, most dog bites occur in the home of the owner when a dog feels threatened. If you or a friend has been bitten by a dog, there are several steps that you should take to ensure your safety and legal rights.

Dog bites in the U.S account for nearly 4.7 million emergency room visits per year. If you are one of those 4.7 million, you should consider doing the following to minimize the effects of a dog bite.

Medical Instruction

If you are bitten by a dog, it is critical to take appropriate medical steps, including:

• Apply pressure with clean material to the wound to stop the bleeding
• Wash the wound with soap and water
• Keep the injured area elevated to stop any continuous bleeding
• Cover the wound with a sterile bandage
• Clean the wound regularly and replace bandages as needed until healed

Contact a medical professional if any of the following applies to your circumstance:

• Bleeding continues for more than 15 minutes
• Signs of infection occur, such as fever, swelling, or redness
• The dog has not been immunized

Once your health needs have been taken care of, it is important to ensure that this incident does not occur again. Contacting a lawyer after a dog bite can help you understand your legal rights.

Consult a Columbia Dog Bite Lawyer Today

Dog owners must be held responsible for their dogs’ actions. An experienced dog bite lawyer in Columbia can help you take the legal steps you need to hold the dog owner accountable. If you have been seriously injured by a dog bite, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and lost wages due to a prolonged recovery period. The lawyers at Goings Law Firm, LLC may help you fight for the compensation you deserve. Call (803) 350-9230 today to speak with a legal professional in the Columbia area.