The Difference between Manufacturing and Design Defects

When an error occurs in the manufacturing or design process, the consequence usually falls on the consumer. Although these errors are not usually intentional, they have the potential to cause substantial injury and, in severe cases, wrongful death of the consumer.

These dangerous product defects happen more frequently than many think, affecting thousands of Americans each year. Luckily, consumers are protected under the law, and when injured by a defective product, can file a claim to receive compensation for their injuries and expenses.

Manufacturing Defects versus Design Defects

When creating a product, there are multiple stages of production in which an error can occur, and multiple parties who may be liable. Possible defects include:

Manufacturing Defects: When an error occurs during the manufacturing process, causing the product to depart from its intended design.

Design Defects: When there is a flaw in the original design of the product which makes it unreasonably dangerous for consumer use.

Unfortunately, product liability cases are often complicated, requiring a substantial amount of documentation. For this reason, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a product liability lawyer.

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