Pursuing Stair Collapse Claims

Though incidents involving a stair collapse are relatively uncommon, they can be exceedingly dangerous for anyone on or near the stairs when they do happen. Unfortunately, there will likely be little to no indication that a staircase is about to give way and collapse, leaving those in immediate proximity to the staircase in substantial danger.

Typically, a stair collapse is closely related to the upkeep a property owner maintains on his or her property; a staircase that is regularly checked and properly maintained is extremely unlikely to collapse. As such, property owners may be held liable for any resulting damages when their negligence plays a part in a stair collapse on their property.

Common Conditions Associated with Stair Collapse

When staircases are not properly maintained, the risk of collapse may be significantly increased by allowing one or more of the following conditions to exist:

  • Aged, rotted wood that is integral to structural support
  • Instability of the ground a staircase is built upon
  • Poor construction or repair quality

Under almost every circumstance, it is the responsibility of a property owner to reasonably maintain the safety of his or her property.

Consult with a Columbia Stair Collapse Attorney

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