Columbia Spinal Cord Injuries Lawyers

Damage to the spinal cord can significantly affect a person’s life, and may even make him or her dependent on others for physical and financial needs. These types of injuries can stem from a number of accidents, but frequently arise in car accidents, medical error incidents, falling accidents, construction accidents, and similar types of situations. The dependence that’s often created after a spinal cord injury can be financially exhaustive for the victim, with medical and other costs in play. But the attorneys of the Goings Law Firm, LLC know that many Columbia residents have the opportunity to take legal action that might result in financial compensation to help them cover any resulting costs they may incur.

Two Common Spinal Cord Injuries

Though there are numerous ways to damage the spinal cord, and many possible effects of spinal cord damage, two conditions stand out among injuries that can debilitate a victim. These are:

  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia

Paraplegia is partial paralysis, while quadriplegia refers to total paralysis. Both conditions can make living a “normal” life extremely difficult, even impossible, and also very costly. Victims might have to rely on family members or medical teams to maintain their daily lives. However, victims also might not have to face their condition without assistance.

Contact a Spinal Cord Injuries Lawyer in Columbia

If you or someone you care about has been the victim of a spinal cord injury accident, and another person was implicated, then that person might be accountable for your costs. Contact the attorneys of the Goings Law Firm, LLC today by calling our offices in Columbia at (803) 350-9230 to learn more about what you can do in this situation.