Objectives of Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property rights, especially in the age of the Internet, are essential to the success of a brand or business. Laws exist that protect intellectual property holders, mostly in the form of trademarks, copyrights, and patents. However, when parties violate the terms of these legal protections, it has wide-reaching effects that can result in misappropriation and unfair competition. Abuses of intellectual property rights threaten the success of the economy by blocking the production of new content and ideas.

Effects of Intellectual Property Protection

The idea of intellectual property protection is one of the foundations of capitalism, and the purpose of intellectual property law is largely threefold.

  • Intellectual property law, by allowing the owners of intellectual property to capitalize on what they create, provides financial incentives for new, creative ideas.
  • By protecting the intellectual property rights of individuals or companies, IP law encourages economic growth.
  • By treating intellectual property as largely equal to physical property, it impresses upon economic culture the importance and sanctity of creativity and innovation.

Copyrights, patents, and trademarks aim to protect images, ideas, and products from unlawful reproduction for the financial gain of an outside party. This protection allows for more advertising that is effective and brand building.

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